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How to make money at home - 7 proven ways for beginners


Did you know that 95% of employees are dissatisfied with their work? Are you one of them too? In this article I want to tell you about how to earn money sitting at home and forever forget about slave labor in the interests of others.

People from my environment often complain about their work, lack of money and life in general, and I understand them. Who will like to get up every day at 6-7 in the morning, endure the disrespectful attitude of the boss, the evil tongues of colleagues, overtime? And is it for a salary of $ 150-300, without any hope of an increase? At such moments, I understand that the decision to quit a stable position in the office and go to freelance was the right decision. And I want to share it with you!

Dropshipping Sales Principle

However, dropshipping has a number of disadvantages:

  • it’s hard to find a reliable supplier who agrees to collaborate on such a scheme,
  • all claims regarding the delivery time, quality of goods, the end customer will present to you, even if this is not your fault.

But dropshipping, in contrast to the usual offline business, is easy to combine with other work. And it does not require your employment for 16-20 hours a day, as is often the case with aspiring entrepreneurs.

And the last point: if you are not aware of how to withdraw earned money, then I advise you to look at material on making money on the Internet without investing with the withdrawal of money to a Sberbank card - there are all the answers to questions regarding the withdrawal of funds and not only.


Now you are likely to do something at home to earn more money. Indeed, for this it is not even necessary to quit employment, losing a stable source of income. Home-based business is suitable for everyone: employed and unemployed, professionals and beginners, creative people and entrepreneurs. He will not bring money only to those who are used to looking for an easy way and to think that everyone owes him something. Earning at home does not mean that you have to work less than in the office, and you need to be really useful to other people, but it's worth it.

Author: Belousova Natalya

1) Earnings using the Internet in the "online"

It is assumed that you earn money on a computer, for example, starting an activity as a freelancer. You create some kind of intellectual product, for example, the text of an article, the design of a website or the program code and send this product to the customer via the Network (email, skype or in another way).

Or launch your profitable website, like ours - and receive income from anywhere in the world. In this case, your project on the Internet will be your business, which constantly generates income.

Also, one of the varieties of making money at home without leaving your computer is Skype tutoring. If you have certain skills and can teach others to it, make money on it. A couple of years ago, I myself learned English to a conversational level from my friend's teacher. All our classes were held online via skype with video.

2) Earning at home in "offline"

You do work at home, for example, do crafts yourself, sew dresses or organize a group for the development of children at home, a home “show room” selling cool things or designer crafts.

I have friends who have opened a mini-atelier in their apartment, making others; they create leather goods at home on order.

And my hairdresser, his name is Roman, bought a residential apartment on the ground floor of the house and organized a hairdresser there, and he monetizes it with a massage bed (for 350 rubles you can lie on it for 35 minutes) and selling home-made natural chocolate, which his mother prepares .

Roman also sells here the goods of various network marketing companies and receives a percentage of sales. Indeed, when a client contacts the hairdresser during a haircut, a trusting relationship is established with the master. Thus, he not only cuts people and makes money on it, but also skillfully makes additional sales, which greatly increases the final income.

As you can see, both of these ways of earning money at home are a good opportunity to leave your regular employment at the office or at the factory and become an independent entrepreneur.

I have already described even more options for generating income both online and offline in a popular article on our website in an article about how you can make money.

2. Who is suitable for earning at home

Earning at home is available to everyone. Again, from my own experience I will say that I personally know people from 15 to 80 years old who successfully receive money without leaving home (unless meeting with clients).

For example, one girl from the city of Stavropol whom I met at a business training when I was 15 years old makes handmade soap and makes 15,000 rubles a month in clean money. She studies in the 9th grade of the school and manages to do this in her free time. For comparison, the average salary in our city of Stavropol ADULT person ranges from 20 to 25 thousand rubles. There is much to learn.

Not to mention the dozens of people I know. Their home business brings them from 10 000 before 100 000 rubles clean. Some of them still have not officially formalized their business, but I still recommend that they do it if your net profit from “side jobs” is equal to the average salary in your city.

I will list the categories of "lucky" who can earn money sitting at home:

  • schoolchildren and students
  • employees
  • entrepreneurs
  • Housewives
  • pensioners.

If you belong to one of these categories, then congratulations, you have every chance to earn money doing different areas of the “home business”. I talked about them in more detail below. All methods are real: I and my friends checked it first hand. So I responsibly affirm that they work 100%!

Freelance or freelance work

Most often, freelance does not require any investments, but it definitely requires certain knowledge and skills. If you can intelligently explain to people or write competently, like design or are familiar with advertising, making money sitting at a computer at home will not be too difficult. Over time, you will learn the intricacies of the chosen profession, which you had no idea about before.

Let's look at examples of popular professions in freelance.

If you like to write, copywriting, rewriting, typing will suit you

As a rule, women on maternity leave work in the subject of the text, so women's topics are quite competitive. But here is the answer to the question “How can a man make money sitting at home on freelance”! The theme of cars, equipment, gadgets is very in demand. And if you are a specialist in construction, then this niche is just for you.

Want to make big money writing cool lyrics? Take the course “Copywriting from scratch” and master one of the most popular professions - link to the course (the first 3 classes are free)

It should be borne in mind that at first the earnings will be very small. Gradually master the speed dial, learn many things, learn how the text is evaluated according to various parameters, how to write texts that will be most valuable. Over time, you will realize that your skill level will grow, and with experience, opportunities will expand and regular customers will appear.

My experience in transcribing and searching for customers I painted here

What is the plus of such work? This is a free schedule, it is an opportunity to write texts on topics that are familiar to you, it is an opportunity to learn something new gradually and always be aware of new trends. But the most interesting thing is that regardless of whether you have a technical or humanitarian mentality, there will always be work for you.

If you have Photoshop skills

One of the most popular specialties today is a web designer. If it’s easier for you to realize yourself, not in writing articles, but in creating presentations, selecting a design for a website, designing, drawing banners, this is a matter of artistic taste, skills and knowledge of modern requirements. Because navigation on the site, in which the designer takes a considerable part, decides a lot for the visitor of the resource.

If you have analytical thinking - Internet advertising is right for you.

Another interesting specialty that is in demand on the labor market is a directologist. If you are more interested in the commercial side of project promotion, you know how Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords, the contextual advertising specialist, even remotely, will be useful for any serious project, and this is also a good option where to make money sitting at home. In addition to contextual advertising, there is also SMM, SMO is advertising on social networks.

You have to sweat before those who trust a serious order find out about you. But a definite plus is that the profit from such projects is several times greater than from the writing of articles.

Examples of real orders from freelance sites

Here are screenshots of real orders for which you want to pay money:

The numbers in the title on the second screenshot are the price that the customer offers for the execution.

You can start your journey from the Work-zilla website, where it is easiest to receive orders for a beginner.

Own website, blog or portal

Among the ways to make money it’s quite common today to have your own website. But what pitfalls await along the way? In fact, a website or blog may not bring you what you expect. In the event that you pursue the goal of earning, but do not think about how valuable and useful the resource is for the potential reader.

There are even one-day sites that can instantly burn out, because they will fall under the sanctions of search engines or simply will not be interesting, they will disappoint visitors. Therefore, if you want to get a stable profit from your site, consider a few things:

  1. choose a topic that you really understand and that will be interesting to people,
  2. make sure your content is unique and literate,
  3. it’s impossible to create and leave a site, they need to be engaged in constantly or to hire people who will do this for you.

There are many offers on the Internet to create a site, and it’s quite possible to start with free designers to get your hand on, in practice, learn the basics and evaluate your capabilities. Or you can order a site from me Portfolio here //

As an example, I can cite my blog, which you are currently reading. He began to bring me money 4 months after creation, but now it is one of the passive methods of income.

Your YouTube Channel

Another very interesting way to earn money sitting at home, without investing, is to register your channel on YouTube. It's no secret that we perceive information in video format better than in text. Therefore, video reviews are much more interesting and relevant than just text descriptions. Unique reviews of technology, culinary recipes with a step-by-step description of the preparation and many other topics will be in demand.

If you sometimes watch vidosiki on YouTube, then you probably have your favorite video bloggers. For example, in the topic of Technologies, I watch the Wylsacom channel, here is a link to it, in one video he shared that he earns 1.5-2 million rubles a month. Do you want also? Start a channel on YouTube. Of course, Vilsa is a top blogger, and it will take more than one year to become such, but even reaching an income of 50-100 thousand rubles a month is quite realistic and you can safely quit hired work.

Infobusiness or selling your knowledge

If you know how to create presentations, grow rabbits, build eco-houses, analyze the characteristics of gadgets and so on, bring your experience to the masses by sharing it in articles, making reviews, leaving reviews about some products. The availability of knowledge today is very wide, but even on the same subject can be explained intelligibly, but you can only scare your reader or listener. Therefore, here you need to work and improve, and having chosen a good position, do not relax!

The idea of ​​how to make money sitting at home on the Internet can not be crude. It really will pay dividends if you win the favor of your potential customers.

Example: Do you know Evgeny Popov? He does cool courses and has long won a good name on the Internet. Here you can familiarize yourself with its quality courses and see how everything works from the inside.

Also download his free course, where he shares his model for creating the info-business “Info-business based on the model of Evgeny Popov”

Network marketing is quite common. The reason is simple: this concept simultaneously creates jobs and attracts partners who have similar rights, and career growth is stimulated by cookies. True, this business requires some investment, although this is often not talked about, shifting emphasis to your characteristics that are quite suitable.

The advantages of such work for achievable goals are that almost everything has already been done for you, and you need to follow the instructions and give all your best. And the disadvantages are that there are a lot of MLM varieties, and in order to rise from the bottom step, you need to have a gift of persuasion (which, due to the same prevalence of the trend, is very difficult), have a certain charisma and achieve first positions. At least not to remain with the opinion that this is another “scam”, having parted with their hard-earned money.

Handwork - crafts, cakes, knitting and more

In this niche, you can really reveal yourself and your talents. If you are a creative person, and hobbies to draw, write poetry, embroider, bake cakes before you needed only, now it can bring you not only pleasure, but also tangible profits. You will need an extensive portfolio of finished works, ideally, rave reviews from customers, and voila! - You already have passive advertising.

In such a simple way, you can earn money for both mom and senior citizen, sitting at home and doing what they love. You can bake cakes, knit to order, make crafts, handmade soap, even knit and sell brooms, and if you make yourself known on the Internet, the audience will increase significantly. The prospects open, of course, are great - but - again! - the amateur will quickly burn out on the first orders, and a person who is able to develop will achieve results thanks to his diligence.

Online store

If there are not enough goods in your region, and you can deal with delivery and sales, this option, how to make money sitting at home, is also suitable for you.

Or you can make an online store with delivery all over Russia or even the world, thanks to the Internet and technology borders no longer exist.

It will turn out to open the store not without investments, but, like any commercial operation, it will pay off if the demand and risks are correctly calculated. The online store is good because saving on renting a real store, warehouses, etc. is a plus, and a huge market on the Internet that wants to spend its money is an even bigger plus!

8 great ways to make money you can do at home

First, we will consider those ways of earning that you can do through the Internet. But also the article will discuss several ways to make money without using the Internet.

Many people went online to earn money for the reason that they have no desire to work for superiors and to obey someone. This is the main reason.

Now let's move on to these very ways of making money.

Copywriting and rewriting

This is the first way and it is suitable for those who like to write. Now many sites need unique and good content (text) to attract visitors to themselves. For this we need copywriters - that is, people who write interesting unique articles. There are many copywriting exchanges where article customers and copywriters themselves meet. If you devote enough time to this business, you can make good money.

Good in my opinion are such copywriting exchanges: Etxt, Textsale, Advego. For 1,000 characters of the text, they usually pay at least 50 rubles, and the volume of the average article is from 4,000 to 6,500 characters. That is, for one article you can really earn at least 200 rubles. You can write 2 articles a day. If you understand a topic, then you can write good articles and make good money on them.

Earnings on clicks

The method is certainly not so hot, but it is simple and does not require any knowledge. You won’t earn much in this way (from 20-50 to 100-200 rubles per day), but you will definitely earn the first money, and if you devote more time to this method, then the income will be more.

As for me, the best website for earning on clicks is Seosprint. This is evidenced by the reviews of satisfied users of this resource. Registration on this site is extremely simple.

Own blog or website

In my opinion, this is the best and most stable way to make money. To do this, write articles, only for your site. The more articles, the more traffic. With good attendance, an advertisement is placed on the site. You will earn when visitors click on ads.

For some people, this way of earning money can become a main activity or a favorite hobby.

Блог – это информационный сайт на определенную тему, владелец которого пишет статьи о себе и на интересующие людей темы. Хорошие и качественные статьи всегда попадают в ТОП поисковых систем Яндекса и Гугла.

Таким образом, нужно стараться писать на блоге хорошие статьи и в большом количестве, чтобы было как можно больше посетителей. The more visitors, the higher the earnings. In addition to advertising on the blog, you can also earn on affiliate programs.

By the way, some women who are housewives run culinary sites, sites on how to raise children. And men write about construction, cars, sports, etc. If you are good at something, then you can write articles on this topic, thereby helping other people. Blog topics can be completely different: medicine, accounting, law, foreign languages, etc.

Create your YouTube Channel

Pretty interesting way to make money at home. No investment is required to create your YouTube channel. Everyone knows that video is perceived by a person better than text. For this reason, visually video reviews are usually more interesting than written articles. Admittedly, not everyone likes to read.

Video reviews of recipes, cars, household appliances and other topics will be of interest among other users.

Mostly video channels make money on ads from Google, which are placed in the video itself.

Surely you have your favorite video channels and video bloggers. There is information that the channel "Mr. Max", which specializes in the review of children's toys, games, etc., brings its owner $ 70,000 per month, and this is not a fairy tale.

You can do the same. Of course, not everyone will be able to reach such amounts. But after working for several years on your channel, it’s quite possible to reach 30,000 - 100,000 rubles a month.

Freelance or work on the Internet on a free schedule

Freelancers who work through special exchanges and not only sometimes earn much more than ordinary employees in the office. They carry out orders from customers such as: writing texts, creating and typesetting sites, creating logos. By the way, freelancers work mostly from home.

The schedule and time spent at the computer will be up to you. For this it is necessary to have certain knowledge or to obtain it. The success of all work will depend on the level of your knowledge.

In addition, you can perform small tasks. This is a quick and fairly easy way to make money. The best site where you can perform such tasks is Work-zilla. On this site, customers post various tasks such as buy movie tickets, check the text for errors, ring customers, make an essay for the student, make a logo, collect phone numbers of organizations, etc.

At Work-zilla, everyone will be able to find a task according to their abilities, and if you need to, you can place the task yourself so that someone else can complete it.

Sale of goods from abroad

In fact, organizing such an activity is not difficult. To do this, you need to purchase goods on the websites of Aliexpress or Ebay, and then sell with a good margin through the Avito bulletin board known in RuNet.

Basically, the delivery of goods from the above sites is carried out anywhere in the world, so this way to make money is available to everyone, regardless of city of residence.

You can sell, for example: cases for smartphones, bags from China, small gifts, small equipment or electronics.

In addition, you can sell not only goods from abroad, but also unnecessary things that you have at home doing nothing. As practice shows, many people do not know the real value of things, and someone wants to quickly sell an unnecessary thing at a low price.

This can be used to your advantage. Buy a thing at a low price, and then sell it at a higher price. This will help you the above Avito site, where you can not only buy, but also sell. The difference in price will be your earnings.

I heard that even antlers are sold on Avito. So if you want to do this, then you will succeed.

Handwork - cakes, knitting, crafts and more

This is the area of ​​activity where you can realize yourself by working with your hands. If you like to draw, embroider, bake cakes, make crafts, handmade soap and generally do something with your own hands, then now you can also earn money from these hobbies.

You can advertise your products through social networks, on Avito and other sites, as well as telling friends and acquaintances. Believe me, there will always be buyers for any such product, proven!

In such an interesting way, pensioners, moms on maternity leave, students and other categories of people sitting at home can earn.

Online store

If in your city there are no or not enough certain goods and you want to deal with sales and delivery, then this option of earning at home will suit you.

To do this, you will need to create an online store with delivery in your country and even the world (for advanced). Thanks to the Internet, you can now reach customers from your own country and the world.

Investments are certainly needed, but if you calculate all the risks and demand, then your costs will surely pay off. The positive point is that having created an online store, you do not need to pay for the rental of premises, warehouses, and audience coverage is much wider than the boundaries of your city.

Beware of scammers

On the Internet there are not only effective ways of making money, but you can often find advertisements that offer quick enrichment. For example, you may be attracted to a pyramid or offered to invest in unknown people who allegedly trade on the exchange.

First, the organizers offer to invest your money in your project, and then invite your friends here, who also need to invest in their project.

Do not fall for those methods that promise to quickly earn large sums. After all, all the pyramids eventually fall apart, and you can lose money.

Those who advertise dubious projects for quick money making are 99% scammers. Be careful!

Yes, on the Internet you can earn a lot of money, but for this you need to understand a lot, learn and gain some experience. Beginners will not earn big money right away.

Method 1. Earning on freelance

Sites or Worksilla allow everyone to earn good money by doing the work of customers. If you own the design, write texts or just with a computer on “you”, then tomorrow you will probably be able to earn your 200-300 or even 1000 rubles .

Hundreds and thousands of orders are waiting for you on these sites, by completing which you can earn from 500 rubles a day or more with average skills.

About 4 years ago I met a freelance girl from Belarus, she was engaged in design for many years, she also has a corresponding design education and she earns an average of 3000 to 5000 dollars per month, working only with regular customers.

On these sites you can find orders to fulfill at home.

Becoming a freelancer, you will have a free work schedule, choose your own customers and perform the tasks you want.

The minus of freelance, oddly enough - is that now you do not have a boss and no one tells you what to do. You need to be very self-organized and disciplined, to deal with the system of receiving payments and paying taxes in case of successful business activities.

Method 2. Opening a business in an apartment or house

Do you have a free room or even a part of a room for doing business - do not lose the moment.

Think about what you like to do, start small.

A master of haircuts, manicure, pedicure can easily open with such bacon at home

Here is another idea of ​​starting a business in your own home:

  • hairdresser or beauty salon,
  • children's developing studio,
  • Design Studio,
  • remote advertising agency,
  • photo studio
  • mini workshop
  • recording studio.

You can independently choose the purpose of your home, depending on the needs of the market and your skills.

Home Recording Studio Example

Method 3. Lidogeneration

Video generation is a skill of attracting customers. Having mastered it, you will be able to bring customers to any business both online and offline. For example, you can become an intermediary and engage in wholesale sales of food products: potatoes, sugar, apples. You can sell building materials: crushed stone, sand, cement or brick.

By creating a one-page site and setting up a flow of customers from the Internet through the advertising networks of Yandex (Direct) and Google (Edwards), you will receive applications for the purchase of wholesale lots of previously listed products.

Earnings under such an agent scheme are from 50,000 to 500,000 rubles and more.

Lead generation is today a popular trend that allows you to earn money on the Internet at any age and from anywhere in the world.

Method 4. Investing on the Internet

On the Internet there are many opportunities for investing money: the stock market and stock trading, the Forex currency market, investment high-risk projects (highs).

You can take some amount, for example, 100 000 rubles and make up an investment portfolio from it. It may include pamm accounts, accounts in highly profitable projects (hypes), stocks and bonds, and deposits.

The trick here is that you manage your investments without leaving your computer from your home, office or cafe.

The amount of profit that can be obtained with moderate risk is from 1 to 5% per month . That is from 12 to 60% per annum. All of the above is very risky and threatens with the loss of a large part of your investment portfolio.

I had my own experience investing in hype, but I did this not professionally, but as an experiment. Somewhere lost, somewhere managed to earn.

I know that there are guys who are professionally engaged in investing on the Internet, although they carry high risks, earn from 3% per month, which is a lot, given that they devote an hour to this every day.

Method 5. Sale of goods through Avito and Yulu

Mediation is the easiest way to make money fast at home. The essence of earning money on bulletin boards is that first you sell your unnecessary things, gain experience and first money, and then scale up this activity.

Start selling other people's goods and services for a percentage using ads on Avito, Yule, and other popular ad sites.

This method works in almost any city with a population of 30,000 or more. From my own experience I will say that in a city like Stavropol with a population of about 500,000 inhabitants, you can successfully earn from 50,000 rubles by doing such a home business.

Thousands of people make money on these boards every day.

The scheme here is as follows:

  1. Go to friends, acquaintances and relatives and ask what they would like to sell from a house, apartment or garage. As a rule, each person has a bunch of unnecessary junk, which is unnecessary for him, but other people are willing to pay good money for this. In the average apartment there is little by little this for 20,000, 50,000 and more than thousand rubles.
  2. Take these things and take pictures with good lighting. If things are bulky (furniture, household appliances), then this can be done right in the apartment without taking it out, and customers can be brought directly to the owner of things.
  3. Write attractive selling text. I already told about their correct compilation in the article “How to write advertising texts”.
  4. Put ads on the boards and wait for calls.
  5. When you receive a call, make an appointment, show the goods, sell and receive money.

Your percentage from such sales of other people's things can reach up to 70%. That is, only 30% gets the owner of the thing, and you do the rest. Yes, I didn’t make a mistake here. The owner of a thing is sometimes ready to give you as an intermediary more than half of its value.

An extended way of this idea is that you buy in bulk bulk at a low price other people's things and sell them at retail more expensive.

To do this, you will need a small utility room, warehouse or garage where you will store things for sale. A loggia or pantry of 3 or more square meters is also suitable.

If such a business is put on stream, then one person can engage in marketing, that is, take photos and test ads, monitor their relevance, and the other - go to meetings, work directly with clients.

I described in more detail how to create such a business in the article “How to make 10,000 rubles a week on Avito”.

Method 6. Earnings on online-training via Skype

Do you have knowledge and experience, are you an expert in a certain field and can teach others? Do not limit yourself to your city. New technologies allow you to educate people both individually and in a group via the Internet.

As I wrote above, I myself studied Skype on the English language and was very successful. Online education and webinars are gaining immense popularity.

They find customers by creating their site and promoting it by keywords. If you already have some client base, then word of mouth, recommendations of old clients will bring you new ones that you will train remotely.

For example, if you are a foreign language tutor and live in the city of Ivanovo, your client Petr Ivanov, who lives in Moscow and has passed your training, will most likely recommend you to his friends.

So is my friend Alexei: he and his wife teach English on Skype and go to families with children. That is, the guys no longer need to give advertising. Now they no longer have free hours to accept students.

Method 7. Earnings on affiliate programs

The essence of the affiliate program is that you sell goods or services of shops, course authors or any specialists for a percentage.

For example, you are selling something from the popular website of Chinese products, "Aliexpress". You then do not even have to buy them.

You simply register there, get your affiliate links from different sellers and start advertising these products on your YouTube channel, thematic forum or on social networks. Do a video review of any product on your YouTube channel and insert your affiliate link for purchase under the video.

If you have your own popular website or blog, this is a great platform for earning money on affiliate programs.

Relatively speaking, you are writing an article on the topic "How to choose a laptop", telling about all the advantages and nuances of different laptops: gaming, office and others.

In the same article, you recommend 2-3 stores where you can buy such laptops, and when buying goods from your affiliate link, the store where such a purchase was made will pay you a commission of 2-10%.

You can start selling any goods and services for a percentage today.

With an average laptop price of 30,000 rubles, you can potentially earn from 600 to 3000 rubles . And if there are several such purchases, then your profit with ONE of such an article can be measured in the thousands per day.

Our site has already written more about this method in the article “Earnings on affiliate programs”.

4. My experience at home

5 years ago, with my friend Vitaly, we started creating sites on order and this for us was nothing more than work at home. We worked for ourselves and found the first orders among friends. At that time, we had neither a portfolio nor experience in this matter.

We acted as follows:

  1. They called up acquaintances, including entrepreneurs, and offered them services to create sites.
  2. We went out to meet with those who agreed and discussed the details of cooperation, took an advance payment.
  3. In the process of creating the site, we studied on videos and articles on the Internet of this profession.
  4. We gave the client a ready site and received the rest of the money.

We worked for quality and our satisfied first customers began to recommend us to their friends. So, without investing a single ruble in advertising our services, we received orders for 500 000 rubles and made them in about a year, having gained the necessary experience.

Since among our customers almost all were entrepreneurs and legal entities, we had to find a way to work by bank transfer with an official contract.

We found a friend and agreed with him that we would make him a website for free, and in return for this, he would accept payments from our customers in a hopeless way.

We “killed” all the birds with one stone: we worked only in white, did quality work and the customers eagerly contacted us, since we had official obligations under the contract.

Further, my friend suggested that I work remotely in the team of the famous entrepreneur Alex Yanovsky, whom I had previously met through the Internet.

We created sites for this person, mostly single-page ones, wrote articles, and set up marketing. At this time, we were able to earn remotely 500-1000 dollars each per month per person.

So I became a freelancer and got the necessary work experience at home.

We were captured by the sphere of Internet projects and over time we came to the conclusion that we created our own business - the project Now we are launching a number of projects both online and offline, and at least half of them will be in the “home format”.

And now a little about the psychology of what is happening. Yes, now I am much happier than a few years ago when there was absolutely no money and no understanding of where to move.

Note to all doubters to work at home:

Entrepreneurship - this is when you do 10 years what others do not want, then to have what others cannot.

Therefore, friends, if you are tired of the daily routine, the long road to work and the boss, become an entrepreneur and start working for yourself. Многому научитесь при этом, избавитесь от страхов и заблуждений и главное, сможете распоряжаться своим временем, жизнью и получать за это достойное вознаграждение.

Да, на некоторые время вы потеряете стабильность, но если не сдадитесь, награда многократно окупит все ваши «страдания» на пути к достижению цели.

Посмотрите вот это видео и вы убедитесь, что зарабатывать дома не так уж и сложно: