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This article will give you the opportunity to create such a game "Monopoly", which you could only dream of. The rules of this game are known to everyone, but you can choose a theme for it yourself and make the appropriate playing field with cards. Personalized views of Monopoly can be a good gift idea, and they are also great for entertainment during parties or quiet family evenings.

Beginning of the game:

1. Place houses, Hotels, Documents on the right of ownership and money (at face value) in separate sectors of the playing field. On the field there is a chart showing the correct placement of all game elements.

2. Separate the “Chance” cards, shuffle them, and put the flip side up on the corresponding sections of the game board.

3. Separate the Treasury cards, shuffle them, and put the flip side up on the appropriate sections of the game board.

4. Each of the players selects a playing chip and puts it on the "START" field.

Banker and Bank

5. One of the players is selected by the Banker. If the game involves more than 5 players, the Banker may, at his discretion, limit himself only to this role in the game. The banker gives each of the players $ 1,500 in the following coupons:

- Two bills for $ 500

- Four bills for $ 100

- One bill at $ 50

- One bill at $ 20

- Two bills for $ 10

- One bill at $ 5

- Five bills for $ 1

In addition to money, the Bank also has cards of Documents on the right of ownership, Houses and Hotels until they are acquired by the players. The Bank also pays salaries and bonuses, gives loans secured by real estate and collects all taxes, fines, repay loans and interest thereon. During the auction, the Banker acts as an auctioneer.

A bank can never go bankrupt, but it can give out as much money as needed in the form of debt receipts written on a regular piece of paper.

6. Players roll both dice. The one who has the most points starts the game. Next will be the player sitting to his left, then the next, and so on.

When it's your turn, roll both dice and move your chip forward along the board in the direction indicated by the arrow. The field you stop at determines what you need to do. On one field at the same time there can be several chips. Depending on which field you are in, you have to:

- buy Building Plots or other Real Estate

- pay rent if you are in the territory of Real Estate owned by others

- pull out a card Chance or Treasury

- end up in jail

- relax in the free parking lot

- get a salary of $ 200

The same number of points on both dice

If you roll the dice and the same number of points falls on both, move your chip and act in accordance with the field in which you are. Then you have the right to roll the dice again. If you have the same number of points on both dice three times in a row, you will immediately end up in Prison

Passage of the "START" field

Whenever you stop or go through the "START" field, moving in the direction indicated by the arrow, the Bank pays you $ 200. You can get this amount twice for the same move, if, for example, you find yourself on the Chance or Treasury field, immediately after the "START" field and pulled out a card that says "Go to the" START "field.

If you stop at a field indicating Real Estate not occupied by others (that is, on the Construction Site, for which none of the other players have a Title deed), you will have the right to first choose to purchase it. If you decide to buy a Real Estate, pay the Bank the money in the amount indicated on this playing field. In exchange, you will receive a Title deed for this Property, which you must put in front of you text up. If you decide not to buy this Real Estate, the Banker should immediately put it up for auction and sell it to the player who will give the highest price for it, starting from any price that one of the players is willing to pay. Even though you have refused to purchase Real Estate at the original price, you can take part in the auction.

Property Ownership

Owning a Real Estate will give you the right to lease any “tenants” who have settled on the field denoting it. It is very beneficial to own the entire Real Estate of one color group - in other words, to own a monopoly. If you own the entire color group, you can build houses on any real estate of this color.

Stopping at someone else's Property

If you are staying at a Property that was previously acquired by another player, you may be required to rent for this stop. The player who owns this Property must ask you to pay the rent before the next player rolls the dice. The amount payable is indicated in the Document on the ownership of this Real Estate and may vary depending on the number of buildings built on it. If the entire Property of the same color group belongs to one player, the rent will be charged to you for stopping at any undeveloped section of the Property of this group and doubled. However, if the owner of the entire color group has at least one plot of Real Estate of this group laid, he cannot charge you a double rent. If Houses and Hotels were built on the Real Estate plots, the rent will increase, which will be shown in the Title deed of this Real Estate. There is no rental fee for a stop at a mortgage.

Stop on the field of a service enterprise

If you settled on one of these fields (Water or Electric Company (, you can buy this company if it has not been bought by anyone yet. As with the purchase of another Real Estate, pay the Bank the amount indicated on this field. If this Real Estate has already been acquired by another by a player, he may demand a rent from you in accordance with the number of points that fell on the dice when you made the move that brought you to this field.If the other player owns only one of the Utilities, the rent will be four If you own both enterprises, you must pay him an amount equal to ten times the number of points that you won. to determine how much you have to pay.If you decide not to buy this Real Estate, the Banker puts up a service company for auction and sells to the player who will give the highest amount for it. You can also take part in the auction.

Stop at the Sea Port

If you are the first to stop at such a field, you will have the opportunity to buy this port. Otherwise, the Bank puts it up for auction, even if you refused to buy it at the original price, you can also take part in the auction. If the Port already has a host, when you find yourself in it, you need to pay the amount indicated in the Title deed. The amount payable depends on the number of other Ports owned by the player who owns the Port where you are staying.

Stop on the field "Chance" and "Treasury"

Stopping at such a field means that you need to take the top card from the corresponding pile. These cards may require you to:

- moved your chip,

- paid money - such as taxes,

- went to prison,

- Free from prison.

You must immediately follow the instructions on the card and put the card down in the appropriate pile. If you took a card that says “Free from Prison”, you can keep it for yourself until you need it, or you can sell it to another player at a mutually agreed price.

Note: The card may indicate that you must move your chip to another field. If during the movement you pass through the "START" field, you will receive $ 200. If you are sent to Prison, you do not go through the "START" field.

Free parking.

If you stop at such a field, just rest until your next move. You are here for free and are not subject to any fines, you can, as usual, conclude transactions (for example, lease rent, build buildings on your Real Estate, etc.).

You will be sent to Prison if:

- you stop at the field "You are arrested", or

- you took the skating ring “Chance” or “Treasury”, on which it says “Go to Prison”, or

- you have the same number of points on both dice three times in a row in one move.

Your turn ends when you are sent to prison. If you find yourself in a prison, you cannot receive a salary of $ 200, no matter where you are on the playing field.

To get out of Prison, you need:

- pay a fine of $ 50 and continue the game when it comes to you, or buy a card “Free from Prison” from another player at a mutually agreed price and use it to free yourself, or

- use the “Free from Prison” card if you already have one, or

- stay here, skipping three of your next moves, but every time it comes to you, roll the dice and if you get the same number of points in one of these moves, you can leave the Prison and go through as many fields as possible on cubes.

After you have missed three moves while in prison, you must exit it and pay $ 50 before you can move your chip to the number of fields that fell on the dice.

While in the Prison, you can receive rent for your Property if it is not mortgaged. If you were not “sent to Prison”, but simply stopped at the “Prison” field during the game, you will not pay any penalty, since you “Just went for a short time” into it. Next move you can move.

When you have all the Real Estate plots of the same color group, you can buy Houses to put them on any of the plots you have. This will increase the rent that you can charge renters staying on your Property. The cost of the house (object) is shown on the corresponding Document on the right of ownership. You can buy houses during your turn or during the break between the moves of other players, but you must build your plots evenly: you cannot build a second house in any of the plots of the same color group until you have built one House on each of the plots of this color group, the third has not yet been built, two on each, and so on: the maximum number of houses in one plot is four. You also need to sell houses evenly. You can build up your objects only immediately before your turn, at most - 3 houses (objects) in 1 turn. By not building Houses (objects), you can, however, receive double rent from any player staying at any of the undeveloped Real Estate plots of your color group.

Before you can buy Hotels, you need to have four Houses on each site of your own color group. Hotels can be bought as well as Houses, but they cost four Houses that are returned to the Bank, plus the price indicated in the Title deed. Only one Hotel can be built at each site.

Lack of buildings

If there are no Houses left in the Bank, you will have to wait until one of the other players returns their Houses to him. Similarly, if you sell Hotels, you cannot replace them with Houses if the Bank has no extra Houses.

If the Bank has a limited number of Houses or Hotels, and two or more players want to buy more buildings than the Bank has, the Banker puts up the auction houses for sale to one of the players who offers them a big price, and he takes the initial price the one indicated on the corresponding Document on the right of ownership.

Property For Sale

You can sell undeveloped Land Sites, Ports and Service Enterprises to any player by entering into a private transaction with him for the amount agreed between you. However, you cannot sell the Plot to another player if any buildings are on any other Plot of the same color group. If you want to sell any Plot of your color group, first you need to sell to the Bank all the buildings in the Plots of this color group. Homes should be sold evenly, just as they were bought. (see paragraph "Home" above).

Houses and Hotels cannot be sold to other players. They should be sold to the Bank at a price two times lower than that indicated in the corresponding Document on the right of ownership. Buildings can be sold at any time.

When selling the Hotel, the Bank pays you half the cost of the four Houses that were given to the Bank when purchasing the Hotel. All Hotels of the same color group must be sold simultaneously.

If necessary, in order for you to receive money, the Hotels can be replaced with Houses again. To do this, you need to sell the Hotel to the Bank and get in return four Houses plus half the cost of the Hotel itself.

Mortgaged Real Estate may only be sold to other players, but not to the Bank.

If you do not have money left, but you need to pay debts, you can get money by mortgaging some Real Estate. To do this, first sell to the Bank any buildings located on this section of the Real Estate. In order to mortgage the Real Estate, turn the Document on the right of ownership to it face down and receive in the bank the amount of the deposit indicated on the back of the card. If you later want to pay off your debt to the Bank, you will need to pay it that amount plus 10% from above.

If you mortgage any Real Estate, it still belongs to you. No other player can receive it by paying a deposit amount to the Bank.

For mortgaged real estate, you cannot charge rent, although rent can still come to you for other properties in the same color group.

You can sell the mortgaged property to other players at an agreed price. The buyer can then decide to pay off the debt secured by this property by depositing the appropriate amount of the security plus 10% to the Bank. He can also pay only 10% and leave the property as collateral. In this case, upon final removal of the mortgage burden, you will have to pay another 10% to the Bank.

When none of the Plots of the same color group is no longer pledged, their owner can start buying houses at full price again.


If you owe the Bank or other players more money than you can get from your assets, you are declared bankrupt and you are eliminated from the game.

If you owe the Bank, the Bank receives all your money and Documents of ownership. Then the Banker will auction each of the Real Estate objects to the player who will offer the highest price.

You must put the “Free from Prison” cards down the appropriate pile.

If you become bankrupt due to debts to another player, your Houses and Hotels are sold to the Bank at half their initial cost, and your creditor receives all the money, Title deeds and “Free from Prison” cards that you have. If you have any mortgaged Real Estate, you must also transfer it to this player, he must immediately pay it to the Bank 10%, and then decide whether he should immediately redeem it at full cost or leave it in collateral.

Game notes

If you must pay an amount of rent that is greater than the amount of cash you have, you can pay your lender in part with money and partly with Real Estate (i.e. undeveloped Land for construction). In this case, the lender may agree to accept any Real Estate object (even if it is mortgaged) at a price much higher than indicated on it, trying to get an additional Building Plot or prevent another player from establishing his control over this Real Estate.

If you own any Real Estate, then the responsibility to collect the rent lies with you.

Money can be given in the form of a loan only by the Bank and only on the security of Real Estate.

None of the players can borrow money from another or lend to another player.

For using another player’s chips during your turn, you must pay a fine of $ 50.

You must pay a fine of $ 50, in an extraordinary move, when you went instead of another player.

You will also have to pay a fine of $ 50 if during your move the dice left the playing field (an impromptu one, for example, a table or a special floor marked for the playing field

Board Game Rules

This type of entertainment allows you to consider the stages of capitalization: construction, rental houses, buying streets to increase the price of rent. Begins monopoly by giving each player the same amount prescribed in the rules of the game.

Players stand on the section of the field "Forward"- from here the countdown of full circles starts. Then, the order of movement is determined by throwing a cube. Next, the cube is needed to go to the following fields. If the participant falls into the “Real Estate” cell, which does not belong to anyone, he has the right to buy it or put up for auction.

The property - The main source of income required to purchase. After hitting a purchased cell, another player must pay a fixed annuity to the owner. To increase rent, you need to buy 2-3 plots from one category, they are easy to find by the same color. With a full set of cells, construction begins. Plots are best printed using a color printer.

The source of income for each modification of the board game is different: hotels, ordinary houses and more. It depends on the construction that the amount that another player will give when they hit these sites. In various modifications Monopoly contains different field names. Print it, and then play the monopoly in a variety of versions that you can come up with yourself.

If a player lands on someone’s site, and there is not enough money to pay rent, you should mortgage your property without receiving any income from it until the time of redemption. An important role is played by cards "Coffers"And"Chance», Where actions that are impossible to ignore are spelled out. They can enrich the player or ruin completely. On one cell of the field is located "Prison", where the participant loses the move for 3 laps of moves. The player can immediately pay for his exit or throw a dice, get a double, and then exit for free. However, if the double after three circles does not fall out, the player must pay a fixed exit cost to the treasury to continue participation.

For those who decided to make a monopoly on the printer, if necessary, for convenience, print the rules in Russian or in English, for example. It’s useful for new entrants to keep a hint in front of them in order to get into the details correctly.

Play field

In the original, sold in the store, the box is a square of thick cardboard in size 500x500 mm folding 2-4 times for compact storage. Depending on the variation, the monopoly field differs in the content of ownership. You can make such a field using different options. The simplest, of course, is printing on ordinary A4 sheets. But board game monopoly contains a huge number of fields, so you should not print a whole field on one sheet, it is better to evenly distribute it on four sheets.

People are so inventive that they create home-made fields from wood, cutting inscriptions in the cells of the plots. The size of the game and the number of fields is chosen by the creator himself, that is, by you. This is an original and durable way to create the foundation of Monopoly.

Paper box

The easiest and most popular to manufacture is a variant of a monopoly with a field that you can draw yourself. It is recommended that you plot on thick sheets of paper or use cardboard, Whatman paper, or photo paper. So your favorite pastime will last much longer. There are 2 options for developing a field:

  • lined paper field, and then register each individual area manually. This is the most uncomplicated option, so it is most often used.
  • it is possible to ruffle the workpiece, but print on the printer the sections that you must create in advance in any text editor, and then paste the fields on the cardboard or ordinary sheet of paper into the corresponding cells.

Many different monopoly options are popular in Russia, so thousands of blanks already exist on the network. In addition, for users who want to create their own modification with unique sections of property, there is an interesting option - use the editor of game fields for a monopoly.

Field of wood

To create such a complex, interesting version of the field, you need a tree, for example, red. It is recommended that the workpiece size be consistent with the original version. Next, you will need paints or markers to paint over the upper parts of areas that are in the same category. You don’t need to paint the middle of a home-made wooden blank, on it in the future there will be cells with money, cardsChance"And"Coffers", Like the original. As a bonus, you can make caches inside to store cards and chips. The manufacture of the Monopoly field is a rather laborious process, but it is very exciting, leaving a piece of the creator’s soul.

Property Cards

To make ownership cards on your own, you first need to decide which modification of the monopoly is being created. In the original, streets are used as objects of ownership, having different prices depending on their placement on the field. However, it may be interior items, infrastructure or a country. Templates are available in many interpretations on the Internet for every taste, moreover, they are easy to print.

Hotels, houses and player chips

It is known that real estate requires a huge number of figures. Here are 3 options for creating or replacing chips in a makeshift monopoly:

  • cut wooden figures of houses, then paint them in different colors for different types of property, or make them on a 3D printer,
  • instead of property, for example, use coins. For the most expensive species, take a large coin, and for ordinary houses, take coins of a small denomination,
  • for chips, participants are allowed to use ordinary caps for carbonated drinks, which are easy to distribute by color among the players.

This item is individual, but mostly Monopoly players prefer dollars or their own currency. Money for the game is recommended to be printed on colored paper, different in color for each face value of the currency. Store cut money sheets in different cells, which can be made of wood or plastic. Such sorting will not take up additional time for parsing money.

How much to print

For optimal consumption of photo paper, plain paper or paperboard, you should correctly distribute the number of categories. It is better to print more money, because usually they are always not enough. For cards "Coffers», «Chance"And"Lotteries»The most convenient scale will be printing on A4 sheet in 4 rows of 4 cards in size 100x050 mm For printing blanks of property and money, it is worth placing them in 2 rows of 5 cards.

Monopoly game for children

With the help of this entertainment, even children of preschool age can be instilled with a love of mathematics, teach counting, reading. The Monopoly nursery will help you with this. All the rules of the original game are quite simplified, but the essence remains the same. Becoming a member of this version of the monopoly is real from the age of five.

In the modification for children, it differs in the following:

  • instead of streets and buildings, small businessmen buy attractions, install ticket offices so that other participants pay for riding on them,
  • the highest currency is five,
  • missing fields "Prison"simplified tasks in Chance.

To date, several types of monopoly with blanks have been developed for children, which will not be difficult to print.

  • "My first monopoly" designed for the number of participants from two to four - very convenient for the entertainment of the whole family. Instead of the usual streets and countries on the floor for the game, objects known to children of even young age: a swimming pool, a zoo, a pastry shop, and a shop.
  • "Monopoly Masha and the Bear" designed for the same number of players. There are no longer sections of the city’s infrastructure, but Cars are friends with adventure cards. Such a children's version excludes bankruptcy, paying taxes, instead of money - berries. A great bonus is a jar of jam.

What other sets can I make?

To create your own Monopoly it is not necessary to copy the original versions, because it is better to make your own variation. For example, to develop a monopoly on your hometown, favorite places, the most interesting books.

There are several popular monopoly options for existing originals:

  • Game of Thrones- The long-awaited strategic game, fully developed based on the series. It does not differ by the rules from the original, but instead of "Chance"- cards"Valar Morgulis"Instead of"Public treasury» – «Iron throne". Otherwise, all the squares of the field look, and chips in the form of different elements of the bestseller world are easy to find and print.
  • Wot - version by subject World of tanks. It contains fields divided into color groups: Kharkov, Stalingrad, Windstorm, Winterberg, Erlenberg and many others. Fields were distributed in the corners: “Start», «Tired after a tough fight», «Halt», «Barracks", Similar to the original.
  • Harry Potter true potteromanes will appeal to even the Muggles. There is no such original game. It consists of cards "Property», «Spell», «Potion», The property of the participants will be Horwarts, Diagon Alley and many interesting places that have been loved from books and films. All maps of this version are easy to print from the Internet.

In addition to the well-known versions described above, there are many more options for the game. Entertainment lovers of this kind will definitely like "Millionaire», «Russia», «Empire», «Here and now”, As well as dozens of sets. Even for nuclear industry workers, Rosatom has developed a special version of Monopoly - “Nuclear renaissance"Where the construction of nuclear power plants in various countries of the world takes place. Each version is easy to create and print on your own.

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