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For many of you, losing weight may seem like the greatest feat in the world, however there are a few little tricks that will allow you to get rid of as much as 5 kg in the shortest possible time!

In order to adhere to a healthy diet, we often lack self-discipline, time or motivation, especially if there is no such desired progress.

Relax You will not need any of the above, because losing weight by 5 kg is quite realistic without any serious effort and the need for a strict diet.

How to do it?

Filling half a plate with vegetables or fruits, you will more than halve your calorie and fat intake!

This approach will help you lose weight without much difficulty.

Want another tip?

Use small dishes.

Of course, these should not be saucers, but a medium-sized plate will contain enough food to keep you full and avoid overeating.

A small change in diet can lead to amazing results.

If you eliminate soda from use and replace it with plain or isotonic water, as well as fruit juices, you will be surprised at how fast you start to lose weight.

This is one of the best ways to quickly lose 5 kg!

Sugar-containing carbonated drinks, coffee, or tea lead to extra pounds.

Can't refuse them at all? Then reduce their consumption to one glass per day or drink only on weekends.

Try to do short 20-minute cardio workouts more often, and you will burn more calories than walking on a treadmill for an hour in moderation!

In addition, use an ellipsoid (or exercise bike), because it uses the muscles in such a way that you can quickly lose weight.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the surge of energy, as well as the feeling of ease in movement.

Want a simple way to cut calories?

Stop using mayonnaise when cooking!

Excluding this and similar sauces from the diet, you will reduce the calorie content of each dish by almost 300 kcal!

If you can’t do without refueling at all, then try, for example, a low-fat ranch.

It is, of course, not as tasty as mayonnaise, it is still better than nothing.

Replace your usual 2-kilogram lightweight dumbbells with 5-kilogram dumbbells, and immediately feel the significant difference in the amount of calories burned!

Many women are afraid to train with heavy shells, because this supposedly turns them into a pile of muscles. Believe me, a 5 kg dumbbell will not make you an inflated bodybuilder! On the contrary, you will only become slimmer and increase energy consumption!

This is one of the best ways to lose the extra 5 kg, which, unfortunately, is often forgotten.

"What? “You ask,” should I eat more to lose weight? ”

Breakfast provides strength for the coming day, and also prevents overeating at dinner, to which you approach with a feeling of hunger due to the fact that in the morning did not eat anything.

Make sure that breakfast includes a large amount of fiber - this will help to lose weight.

You should not put a mountain of food on a plate, and then with a feeling of the need to eat everything to the last bite.

You must determine the amount of food sufficient to achieve satiety!

Follow the simple rules: a portion of pasta should be the size of a fist, meat - with the iPhone, sauce - with a ping-pong ball, ice cream - with a tennis ball.

In general, I think my idea is clear!

Snacking throughout the day is a great practice.

Studies show that snacking contributes to weight loss!

They help maintain metabolism throughout the day.

However, you should eat only the right foods.

Pretzels, nuts, low-fat yogurt, cheese sticks, granola, fruits, fresh vegetables with low-fat sauce, as well as peanut butter will be an excellent option!

By compiling a list of dietary and healthy foods (rather than fast food!), You will protect yourself from consuming large amounts of fats.

A personal menu will help to avoid unnecessary snacks with unnecessary products.
This is a great way to quickly get rid of 5 kilos!

If you praise and encourage yourself from time to time, it will be much easier to go through the thorny path to a slim body.

Encourage yourself and do not judge strictly for having eaten a non-dietary product.

Accept yourself for who you are! This is the only way to achieve the best results.

This is an effective, and most importantly simple and easy burden of losing weight.

Following the small tricks listed above, you can quickly lose weight without harming your health.

Perhaps they seemed to you too plain, but this does not detract from their effectiveness! Try it and see for yourself!

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I read and wonder
I’m on a walk here alone, who can’t even lose 2 kg. It seems to have done as advised))
Yes, and I eat very little (((

Oh, such great tips! I especially liked about the size of the servings) Starting today, I’ll start to apply all these recommendations, and I think I’ll have time to lose my “5 kg” by the summer. Regarding strength exercises - it is, I always tried to avoid them - I didn’t want extra weight to be added to excess weight!) Well, of course, you can’t do without cardio loads at all - they help me lose weight very well at the waist, but something better is needed for the hips. And from my personal advice: to give up porridge for a while - after all, vegetables better influence intestinal motility, and weight is lost faster.

The rules are excellent, because actually losing 5 kilos is not so difficult. If you just start walking and adhere to the water regime there will already be an effect. And the most important thing is to control your servings more often, but in small portions.

That's about half the plate vegetables - it works great. Even more than half is possible. By the way, with this approach, not only weight is lost, but also the chair is normalized. Before adding a large amount of vegetables to all dishes, I had occasional constipation, but now everything is like a clock and no problem! And my health, by the way, has become much better. Not only flatulence is not present, but also general vivacity appeared in the morning.

I read the article with interest and I can say that I used almost all the tips when losing weight - and they really work! For example, I started eating from small plates, even a small portion of food in them seems quite impressive, so there is no risk of overeating. Of course, if you don’t add yourself an additive. In addition, bright plates - yellow, orange - replaced the dishes with dark or neutral shades, such as blue, blue, dark green or white. Such colors do not increase appetite, which is very important for us, losing weight. I also ruled out junk food - like mayonnaise and other fatty sauces, replaced them with low-calorie dressings, it is both tasty and more healthy. I train 3 times a week, do cardio and strength exercises. For a month and a half I lost 5 kilograms, I am very pleased, because I have a small excess of weight.


From childhood, I was a rather chubby child, or rather, I began to grow stout from the age of 9. I grew up without a father, and to brighten up the life of the poor “orphan”, my mother fed me sweets - I still remember how we rode the trams to the popular then wholesale food markets and packages bought Danish rolls, muffins, chocolate and other sweets. Another impression from childhood - with my mother in the summer camp she gave me a huge "shuttle bag" with sweets so that I would not starve.

Of course, I could consider that the problems with my weight are due to heredity (this, by the way, is the most common position among bbw), but it is obvious that their reason is completely wrong and quite destructive eating habits. To a varying degree, they are characteristic of all those suffering from excess weight: someone is used to eating any dish with bread, someone, for the sake of economy, eats mainly pasta and potatoes, someone does not think in the evening without the obligatory tea drinking with cookies. These very habits and unhealthy diets are the cause of excess weight, but to me it all became clear only now.

So, by the 11th grade, I weighed about 100 kg with a height of 173 cm. I can’t say that it somehow disastrously affected my life - I was always a leader both in school and in extra-curricular life, I had friends, young people, but, of course, life could be more fun if I were like everyone else. Attempts to lose weight were episodic in nature, I even tried Thai pills, but not one of my weight loss campaigns was particularly successful - I either did not lose weight or did not keep the result.

How to quickly lose weight

Eat from plates of blue color. Psychologists have proven that blue dishes reduce appetite. One possible explanation is that the color blue doesn’t work well with most products. Meanwhile, the rule has long been known: the more attractive the food on the plate looks, the more you eat.

Combine physical activity with mental. Participants in a study at the University of Florida proved the opposite. It turned out that those who, during classes on a stationary bike or treadmill, read or watched a movie, quietly increased speed and burned more calories for themselves. How to lose weight? Use this method to get rid of excess weight!

Lose weight by the hour. If you want to keep weight under control, plan your main meal for the first half of the day. According to Spanish scientists, those who eat tight until 15.00, lose weight faster and longer hold the result. 420 people took part in the study and it turned out that volunteers who consumed 40% of their daily calories during lunchtime dropped 5 kg more than those who strongly preferred a hearty dinner for 5 months.

Set the right goals. How to get rid of excess weight? When setting a goal, do not say: “I need to lose 5 kg per month,” but designate a reasonable interval: “I need to lose three to five kilograms by the beach season.” According to psychologists, it is much easier for a person to stick to a plan when there is a minimum program and a maximum program. This approach increases motivation and helps not to give up when there is still very little left to the cherished goal - “minus 5 kg”.

Train less. Last year's Danish study involved two groups of volunteers. In the first group, men and women trained for 30 minutes a day, in the second - twice as much. The results were amazing: those who did just half an hour lost 2.5 kg more weight in a month! It turned out that 30 minutes of active training is enough to activate metabolism and burn calories. But after longer loads, the participants either experienced too much hunger, or were too tired and spent the rest of the day on the couch.

Add pepper! Want to spend more calories and consume less? Be sure to include red pepper in the diet. Capsaicin - an element that is part of hot pepper, activates the immune system and simultaneously suppresses the feeling of hunger. Add some pepper to an omelet, pasta or risotto and evaluate the effect.

Download pedometer app. The pedometer really helps to keep weight under control - this was confirmed by scientists from Indiana University. It turned out that the application in the smartphone stimulates women to increase physical activity: for 12 weeks, participants in the experiment dropped from 1 to 3 kilograms, while their usual diet did not change. How to lose weight? Walk along the corridor when talking on the phone, clean up the room during the commercial break or walk up the stairs. If you move for five minutes every hour, this is a significant step forward.

Discard the bar of chocolate in favor of sweets. If you always have something for dessert at home, buy sweets in individual packaging - for example, small sweets. Doctors from Switzerland last year conducted a large-scale study, and here is the result: when we have to unwrap each candy, we eat 30% less than when we simply break off chocolate from a large tile. The fact is that each additional action gives us time to think, and therefore - to pull ourselves together. Another useful trick: take out the candy from the bag or box, immediately put the packaging in the cabinet. To take the supplement, you have to perform one more action.

Do not sit at the table with gluttons. The results of a study by scientists from the Netherlands: women tend to adopt the eating habits of those who sit with them at the same table. If you are in a hurry at dinner, you risk eating more than you need, so do not succumb to the harmful influence of others. Want to be in shape? Try to lose the speed at which you eat, and then lose weight will be much easier.

Start your morning with the sun. How to remove excess weight? In good weather, take a few minutes for a morning walk or just go out with a cup of coffee to the balcony - this will not only cheer you up, but also help you keep your figure. A recent study by American doctors showed that those who spend 20 minutes daily in the morning sun (before 12:00) are less likely to feel hungry and have a lower body mass index. It seems that the reason is the influence of morning sunlight: they accelerate the metabolism.

The first stage of losing weight

At the end of the third year of the institute, this was in 2005, I learned that in the West they have been losing weight for a long time not on low-fat, but on low-carb - low-carb - diets. The diet with such diets is strikingly different from the traditional slimming menu - after all, fats and proteins are not at all limited. Thus, you can eat unlimited fat fried meat, sprinkled with mayonnaise, and lose weight.

The meaning of the diet is that if the body consumes fats + proteins + carbohydrates, then it is much easier for him to break down carbohydrates (they are already broken down by saliva), and the fats that enter the body are stored. If you do not consume carbohydrates, then you want the body - you don’t want to have to break down fats, not only eaten fats (they are new, foreign and difficult for the body), but already put on the sides, “adapted” to your body.

I decided to make another attempt to lose weight, and June 1, 2005 - the day of my first wedding - was the first day of a new lifestyle. I started my path to harmony with 114 kg.

I didn’t have any external incentive to lose weight - my husband married me fat and even loved me for the first year of my life together, I still had everything fine, and, it would seem, there were no prerequisites for changes. It was just that a low-carb diet seemed so elementary to me that out of interest I wanted to try to change my diet - no special feats were required from me.

The basis of my diet was any kind of meat (fried, boiled, stewed, baked, kebab, grill) - beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry, meat offal, fish and seafood, sausages, ham, sausages, sausages, cheeses - hard , curd, processed, eggs, butter - butter and vegetable. Allowed drinks are tea, coffee without sugar, soda without sugar, mineral water. Alcohol is also allowed - dry wine, brut champagne, vodka, tequila, cognac, rum, whiskey.

These products can be supplemented with vegetables: cucumbers, a celery stalk, sorrel, zucchini, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, green string beans, and sea cabbage are allowed for consumption. Pickles are allowed - pickles, tomatoes, sauerkraut, garlic, peppers. The only permitted fruit is lemon, the berry is cranberry. Well, quite a bit and with caution you can eat cottage cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, olives and olives, eggplant, bell pepper. Food is allowed to be fried, salted, pepper, pickled, smoked, in general, any processing that does not introduce carbohydrates into the food is allowed.

Any flour products are absolutely forbidden - dough, bread, "diet" bread, pasta, sugar, any cereals - rice, buckwheat and others, chocolate, potatoes, beets, carrots, peas, corn, all fruits and berries, juices and sweet soda, nuts, dried fruits, yogurts, curds, ice cream, any sweets, sugar, honey.

My sample menu for the day, for example, was: coffee with cream and scrambled eggs with a couple of wieners and a few slices of cheese for breakfast, borsch and a piece of meat in French under a cheese and mushroom cap with boiled broccoli for lunch, julienne and fried chicken breast dinner. Snacking pieces of cheese, sausage, cottage cheese.

Such a menu did not cause any difficulties - in any restaurant there are always low-carb dishes, even in university canteens I could easily choose the right one. Количество приемов пищи не ограничено, соответственно, чувство голода я не испытывала и могла поесть хоть перед сном. Единственное неудобство — нельзя никакие покупные сладости, однако я научилась готовить прекрасный сливочный пломбир на сахарозаменителе, низкоуглеводные блинчики на миндальной муке и многие-многие другие десерты, да и просто творог со сливками, клюквой и сахарозаменителем прекрасно удовлетворяет желание сладкого.

I have never been athletic, therefore, and now, in the process of losing weight, I had no physical activity. Nevertheless, the excess weight was melting before our eyes - in the first week I lost 7 kg, in the first month - 14. When I returned to school after the summer holidays, the whole course had only one topic for conversation - my new figure. As a result, for six months I lost 41 kg and began to weigh 73 kg and wear the 44th clothing size.

Since such a diet does not limit fats and proteins, the skin does not dry out and does not lose elasticity. In fact, I only had the stretch marks that I gained with gaining weight, but there were no new stretch marks from losing weight. Of course, it is impossible to completely remove them, but the simplest moisturizers with regular use give excellent results. Well, of course, we must remember that the skin is tightened with a delay of 2-3 months after the volumes fall. An excellent effect on skin smoothness and the fight against cellulite is also provided by anti-cellulite massage - both independent and professional.

Transition period

However, my struggle with weight did not end there. Like everyone who lost weight, I faced the most difficult task - how to maintain weight. I succeeded with varying success, my weight jumped back and forth in the range of 5 kg: I won, then he won. Two voices sounded in my head - one really asked for a sweet one, and the second scolded for this desire.

I kept the weight until 2010, but after the second wedding I surrendered, and the fat won. My weight inexorably crawled to a three-digit number, and I reassured myself that I knew a great way to lose it and at any moment I would take control of the situation. Happy measured family life disposed to cozy evenings for cake and pastries, my husband loved me all, and I did not worry about weight.

My final victory over fat

By 2012, I again weighed over a hundred, or rather 104 kg. And here there was some rethinking of the situation. No, there was no incentive again, just at some point I realized that as long as cakes and pasta remained in my life, I would never look like a model. And therefore, the diet as a temporary action and idea (which, incidentally, is characteristic of most losing weight) "Well, nothing, now I’ll limit myself, I’ll lose weight, but then sweat it!" - vicious, this is a deliberate loss. I realized that you just need to take and change your diet - not temporarily, but forever. Of course, I chose low-carb as the nutrition for the rest of my life - after all, it was already familiar to me, easy, comfortable, and I knew that it brings excellent results.

At the same time, in February 2012, a friend asked me to tell her about the wonderful diet on which I lost weight in 2005. I told her that just now I had to turn to this diet again, and we could lose weight together, racing, for the sake of sports interest. So a tablet appeared on the Internet, where every Sunday we filled our new - ever decreasing - weight.

Soon our other friends joined us, the tablet grew, and in March I left a comment in one of the groups on the social network that we should count not calories, but carbohydrates. Hundreds of messages fell into my mailbox asking me to explain: how to count carbohydrates, and most importantly - why? So there was my online project dedicated to carbohydrate-free nutrition. I painted the basics of this nutrition, developed the principles of accounting for results so that team spirit and competitiveness were maintained, I advised those who wanted to lose weight.

Now the work in the group takes almost the whole day - after all, I need to answer all the questions of newcomers, and to cheer up already experienced losing weight, and to summarize the results for the week, and combine new photos of our heroes from the “before-after” series, and lay out new carbohydrate-free recipes . My husband fully supports me (by the way, he also eats without carbohydrates) and to automate my work, he created a website that we are now setting up and finalizing. Of course, this is a huge step forward compared to a group on a social network.

But what about my weight loss? In February 2012, I weighed 104 kg and for a year and a half I did not eat a single banned product. Moreover - the vile inner voice has never asked for anything forbidden, and I'm sure it will never ask again. Now I am the mistress of my food, and it is very pleasant and not at all difficult, I just had to realize it.

In May 2012, I already weighed 89 kg, but a pleasant event happened - it turned out that my husband and I were expecting a baby. Meanwhile, this did not affect my diet at all. Many girls, who did not even have problems with weight before conception, relax during pregnancy, believing that "the baby should not be denied anything" and that now "you need to eat for two." This is completely wrong, because cakes, potatoes and pasta do not bring any benefit to the child, and overweight mothers can harm.

That is why my diet during pregnancy did not change, I continued to limit carbohydrates, and the doctors at the district women's clinic praised my consciousness and encouraged me in every way. In February 2013 I gave birth to Agnes with the same 89 kilograms of weight, now I weigh about 68 kg. I hope to lose another ten and pull the body up a little with sports. And helping those who are losing weight is a matter of my life.