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How to make money on affiliate programs: step-by-step instructions


The co-author of this article is Michael R. Lewis. Michael R. Lewis is a Texas-based former corporate manager, entrepreneur, and investment advisor. He worked in business and finance for over 40 years.

The number of sources used in this article is 43. You will find a list of them at the bottom of the page.

Affiliate marketing is one way to make money online. Affiliate marketing involves the promotion of specific products, services or sites in exchange for a portion of the profit or commission for the generated web traffic. Any recommendations or web traffic from a partner that brought a sale will give you a profit as a partner. In other words, if the goods and services are provided by another person or company, and you, as a member of the affiliate program, create only access to the sales market. And although there are no successful schemes to get rich on affiliate marketing, many people are successfully engaged in it. Learn how to make money on affiliate programs and determine if this area of ​​activity is interesting and promising for you.

What is an affiliate program and how does it work

An affiliate program is a collaboration between you and the product owner.

Affiliate marketing is a simple 3-step process:

  • You recommend a product or service to your subscribers, acquaintances or any Internet users.
  • They buy a product or service using your affiliate link.
  • You get a commission for sales made using your affiliate link.

The benefits of earning affiliate programs

  • Minimum investment. Most affiliate programs are free, so your expenses are usually only related to driving traffic. You can start with free sources.
  • There is no need to create a product or service.
  • You do not need to send goods, engage in technical aspects, sales.
  • You can work at any time and from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access.
  • There is the possibility of passive income. Although this method will never be completely passive.

Affiliate marketing is ideal for bloggers, trainers, information entrepreneurs. And also for moms on maternity leave, senior citizens and students.

Cons Affiliate Marketing

  • It will be necessary to learn to attract traffic. Not everyone succeeds.
  • The affiliate program owner may not pay you back.
  • Competition. Not only will you advertise a course. Hundreds and thousands of users can participate in one affiliate program.

Earnings on affiliate programs should be treated as a serious business. Be prepared to invest your time and money. You can start without attachments. How exactly I will tell a little later.

But in order to receive a large and regular income in advertising, sooner or later it will be necessary to invest.

What can be advertised

Many services, online stores have affiliate programs. Most information businessmen have affiliate programs to promote their courses and trainings.

What are affiliate programs?

  • Partnerships of online stores (Ozone, Aliexpress).
  • Info products (various courses, trainings, online schools). The best affiliate programs for earning you will find in this article.
  • Product affiliate programs or cpa network. You advertise products (watches, wrinkle cream, slimming products ...). This is also called traffic arbitrage.
  • Affiliate services. Bucking has an affiliate program, Tinkoff has hosting partners. Somewhere you are credited with money, which you can then withdraw. And somewhere you can use the services of the service for free.
  • Cashback Services. In essence, these are also affiliate programs. Read more about them in the article.

The scheme of working with affiliate programs looks simple: register in the program, take a link and advertise it wherever you can.

Most of the first two points will be sorted out without problems, but difficulties will arise with the last. You can place links on your social networks. But will there be any sense? I doubt it.

What to do? Let's figure out where to get traffic. Let's start with the free ways.

Vkontakte personal profile

This social network is closer to me, but you can choose another or several at once. Choose one affiliate program that interests you.

Design your personal page: post a beautiful photo, fill out information about yourself.

Write a post reviewing the product or course you want to advertise. Indicate the affiliate link there. Fasten this post.

Periodically write posts on the topic of affiliate programs. No need to write ten posts and advertise different products in each. And do not sell in every. Share useful materials.

Imagine that you are promoting a weight loss course. Try to advertise a free product. People are more likely to sign up for free. This will give them the opportunity to test the course. Some subscribers will be interested in and buy a paid product later.

We wrote a small post with a link to free and consolidated. In the following posts you can give a salad recipe for weight loss, exercises for a flat stomach ...

Now go search your target audience. Find groups and pages about weight loss. Choose fresh posts, comment. See who liked the posts, add these people as friends.

Some will be interested, read the notes on the wall, and sign up for the course.

Your page or group VKontakte

The method is similar to the previous one. But it is more interesting. Create a thematic group. Execute, fill out. Repost posts to your wall.

Create your own free. To do this, use the Senler mailing service. The service can be used at first for free. You can send up to 150 letters per day.

Take one or more free courses. And offer them to subscribers. Only now, subscribers will not immediately subscribe to author courses, but first they will subscribe to your newsletter.

You can regularly send them different offers.

Next, follow the scheme above. You can still invite friends to the group, only with caution so that Vkontakte does not ban you.

You can also participate in various free marathons on your topic, comment on posts, complete tasks, add marathon participants to your friends.

Install the mobile app and record Storeys. Invite them to your group.

If you are willing to invest some money and quickly attract subscribers, then I recommend this course.

Yandex Zen

The advantage of Yandex Zen is that you do not need to worry about traffic, the service itself will find you readers.

But with affiliate links you need to be careful. Do not immediately insert links into the article. Sooner or later, Yandex may ban your channel and article displays will stop.

But you can specify a link to your VKontakte group. You can also specify the link in the settings. It will be displayed under the header. The method is working, I use it myself. Leave only the first three articles on the channel without links. And do not put them in every post.

Read more about Zen in my cheat sheet.

Another option: you can specify your postal address in the articles. And inform that you have a free course and you will share with everyone who will send you an email.

In the mailbox, set up an automatic reply, in which specify the link for free. I like the option with the group more.

Wrote an article? Tell her voice and record the video. Review courses and services. Just share your thoughts.

Create a channel, publish your videos. Under them, give affiliate links or links to Vkontakte or Zen. As you can see, all methods can be used in conjunction.

Fromblogger project

Fromblogger is a platform where you can post useful articles. Articles must be unique. You can embed links to your resources in them. It looks like Yandex Zen. Traffic, of course, you won’t get so much.

But there is an opportunity to attract new readers.

Spoonpay is a multifunctional service for online business. You can post your courses here, create a newsletter and accept payments.

Create a free course (check list, book, test, video course). And place it on the service. You will need to install a subscription form from Spoonpay.

100 courses

100 Courses is a social network that unites people who are interested in making money on the Internet.

You can create your blog and groups, publish articles there and provide links to your free courses.

You can write announcements on your articles in thematic groups. More on this in my cheat sheet. The method is not as effective as before, but you can still get some traffic.

This is not a completely free way, because for a site you need to buy a domain and hosting at least. You can create a website and completely free on the blogger or wordpress platform.

I advise you to immediately create a standalone site on a paid hosting. It will be enough for you 2000 rubles a year to purchase hosting, domain and SSL certificate. In the future, the investment will pay off.

On the site you can write reviews. Post affiliate links, banners, collect subscribers in the email newsletter. You can later connect the advertisement. Learn how to create your own website and earn on it on a free online intensive.

To use all these free methods and get the first commission, you will need a lot of free time. I now use only Vkontakte and Yandex Zen.

Therefore, invest part of the profit in paid promotion:

  • banners
  • YouTube ads
  • contextual advertising,
  • targeted advertising.

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