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6 ways to make a false fireplace with your own hands


Owners of city apartments about a real fireplace with cozy crackling firewood can only dream of - flooring of typical houses may not withstand such a load, and chimneys in high-rise buildings are almost always absent. But this is not a reason to abandon the design in the style of a classic living room! Decorative false fireplaces create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, especially if you equip them with an electric firebox with simulated flame.

Do-it-yourself fireplace

To build a false fireplace with your own hands is quite simple, just find or draw a sketch, choose the material of the frame and finish. For the manufacture of a raised fireplace, a variety of building materials are suitable: drywall on a wooden or metal frame, polyurethane decor elements, tiles and porcelain stoneware, MDF and chipboard, plywood, polystyrene and even plain cardboard. The shape of a decorative fireplace can be completely different, from imitating a classic hearth to an original design, complemented by other decorative elements.

In this article we will try to describe in detail the process of creating a false fireplace with our own hands, provide all the drawings, photos from different angles and videos with the finished product, good luck in construction!

Polyurethane raised fireplace

The fastest way to make a decorative fireplace is to buy a ready-made portal for a fireplace made of polyurethane. The range of portals is wide enough and you can probably choose the style and size suitable for your room. An electric fireplace can be built into the finished portal made of polyurethane, for this it is necessary to know its overall and installation dimensions, as well as the requirements for providing ventilation and connecting to the mains. If you want to do as much as possible with your own hands, you can go shopping and take measurements from ready-made portals, having bought a piece of polyurethane you can make a similar model much cheaper than its finished analog!

To create such a fireplace you need purchased polyurethane, contact adhesive, putty and finishing materials for the furnace, for example, decorative brick.

Step-by-step installation of a raised fireplace

  • Choosing a place to install a false fireplace, try to install it on one of the side walls of the room - this will achieve the greatest harmony.
  • The fireplace should not interfere with the passage and clutter the room.
  • If you plan to install an electric fireplace or a backlight inside the portal, take care of the wiring and installation of the outlet in advance.
  • Complete the firebox frame from wooden blocks or profile and the firebox walls from drywall or plywood.
  • Install the portal and fix it with contact adhesive. Carefully fill the gaps between the furnace and the portal with the finishing putty.
  • Install an electric fireplace or decorate the firebox in your chosen style.
  • Connect the backlight. Soft and warm colors of the backlight are perfect for a fireplace in a classic style, for more daring compositions, you can use a multi-colored LED strip.

Backlight for a raised fireplace

Decor of a back wall of a false fireplace

Ready-made portals can be not only made of polyurethane, but also made of wood. Their price is much higher, but among them come across real masterpieces, for example, with a bar inside.

Decorative portal for a fireplace in wood

False drywall fireplace, quick and easy

To reduce the cost of the budget for a filsh fireplace, use the drywall and profile remaining from the repair. Such a decorative fireplace can easily fit into any niche or corner, and can also be an element of the whole composition of shelves.

False drywall fireplace - photo

To create a fake drywall from drywall, you will need: a galvanized profile for drywall or wooden blocks, sheets or trim sheets of drywall or plywood, a screwdriver and a jigsaw, scissors for metal, putty and acrylic paint, decorative stone or brick.

The technology of manufacturing a false fireplace from drywall

  • The main guarantee of success is a thoughtful sketch of the future fireplace with an indication of all sizes and the junction of the frame. Measure the room and determine the place to install the fireplace. Calculate the required amount of material, and feel free to get down to business.
  • A frame is made of a galvanized profile, connecting its elements with metal screws and a screwdriver. Cut the profile with a hacksaw or scissors for metal. For stability, the frame elements are connected by transverse jumpers. The frame must be fixed to the walls and floor if the structure is bulky, heavy or too narrow - i.e. if there is a risk of instability of the structure.

we make a frame for a raised fireplace from a metal profile

We fasten the sheets of drywall to the frame

Putty the edges and joints of drywall sheets

Level the surface with putty

Artificial stone finish

Decoration fake fireplace

Simulated backlight inside the fireplace

Such a false fireplace is absolutely safe; it can be installed even in a nursery. In this case, the mantelpiece will serve as a stand for photographs, toys and trinkets, while the softly shimmering hearth will create a cozy atmosphere.

Corner decorative plasterboard fireplace (video)

Types of false fireplaces

Oddly enough, but a fireplace may have various options for execution. Before you start your own production, you should decide which option is more preferable to you and most importantly, appropriate in your apartment.

  • Maximum Realism - this type implies the manufacture of absolutely all elements of the fireplace, which will very plausibly imitate the real design. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the real dimensions of these standard fireplaces and recreate the combustion process. For this, electric fireplaces are mounted in a niche, around which solid portals are built. Well, or an electronic photo frame that broadcasts the lights of the flame. This is the most expensive option, but also the most reliable.
  • Partial imitation - This is a simpler and less costly option. To build such a fireplace, a portal is erected that protrudes from the wall, a lid is made for it, you can even imitate brickwork and natural wood or stone at the same time. But in the furnace there are already decorative elements that only conditionally indicate the presence of a hearth. Such designs look very comfortable and convincing.
  • Symbolic designation - this type of performance only remotely resembles the shape of a real fireplace. With the help of wooden planks, decorative moldings and moldings or other elements on the wall, contours that are similar in shape to the image of the original are indicated on the wall. In many cases, acrylic paints are used directly on the wall surface. In this case, a flame can also be drawn. If you like these non-standard options performance of familiar things, then this option is for you.

Now let's see what benefit lies in the use of such an element in the interior and why do you need to spend so much time and effort.

  • First of all, this, of course, successful design decision, which will help to decorate the room and make it more comfortable, warm and homely. In addition, fireplaces are not so common in apartment interiors, which will help make it more unusual. And given the fact that often the surface is decorated with beautiful materials, you additionally diversify the decor elements in the room,
  • If you decide to recreate the option with a built-in electric fireplace, then you will get additional source light and heat. This will help maintain a comfortable temperature in the room before the central heating is turned on or after it is turned off,
  • Most fireplaces are crowned with massive lids. Recreating this element, you will have extra bed to place your favorite collection of decorative figurines or home photos. For various holidays or observances, you can decorate its surface with a symbolic decor. Fireplaces decorated for the New Year with garlands, real spruce branches and decorative socks for gifts look especially festive
  • And the trickiest option is for hide communications and layout flaws. For example, you can hide a large number of outlets and wires that are located under the TV zone. It often happens that under a window and in a corner on an adjacent wall there is a heating radiator, which not only looks inappropriate, but also prevents any piece of furniture from being placed there. To turn this flaw into a highlight of the room and beat the empty corner will help the construction of a decorative portal around it. In this case, the radiator will not stop heating the room.

Initial preparation and size selection

To make a false fireplace with your own hands, it is not necessary to have special design or construction abilities. It’s enough to clearly imagine the desired image of the future fireplace and choose material with which it will be easier and faster to work with you. Any work should begin with sketch and drawing. Yes, these are two completely different things. After all, the sketch displays only the appearance with all kinds of decor. And the drawing already sets the dimensions, focusing on which, you can calculate the required amount of material. In order to draw a working drawing, it is necessary decide from dimensions composition. Be careful at this point.

The dimensions of the raised fireplace should be proportional to the room in which it will be located. Too large construction in a small room it will look bulky and hide space even more. But a small fireplace in a spacious room is simply lost sight of. Also, it should not interfere with the free movement of the room. Optimal width must not exceed 1/3 of the wall to which the structure will be attached.

No. 1. Cardboard Box Fireplace

Having a large number of cardboard or small cardboard boxes for shoes or small equipment, you can very simply "build" a real fireplace. In addition to cardboard you will need:

  • a lot of wood glue,
  • masking tape
  • roulette,
  • scissors or stationery knife,
  • something heavy as a press,
  • something writing.

Beauty of this way lies not only in its ridiculous cost, but in the fact that the creation process can be carried out in a playful way, in which your children will be happy to participate. Moreover, you do not need to drill anything, and there is nothing to spoil. So, let's begin.

For the first time, we recommend use more simple forms for the manufacture of the portal. Moreover, such a false fireplace can be used as a one-time use. For example, to make it for the new year and hold a small family photo shoot against it. You will get a lot of positive and memorable moments, surprise your friends and relatives and make the most unusual decoration of the most ordinary materials.

If you have a large box from large equipment, then it must be carefully deployed and make a pattern. To do this, draw the dimensions of the rear and side walls on its surface. You should get a rectangle, which must be folded with the letter P. The sides must be made voluminous. To do this, they should be folded, as shown in the figure. If one box was not enough, do not despair. Glue together between themselves small boxes forming a wireframe. If necessary, put the press at the junction. All edges and joints at the end must be glued with masking tape and fixed with glue. After the structure has completely dried, it can be painted with spray paints, pasted with polystyrene bricks or decorated in any other way. Remember that this is decorative, very fragile construction.

No. 2. Drywall Drywall

Of course, an important role is played by cost finished composition. Let's start with the most affordable material, not counting cardboard, - drywall. It is a pleasure to work with him due to the fact that details of any configuration are very easily cut out from him. Yes and mounting such elements are very is simple. For the construction of a medium-sized fireplace, one sheet of gypsum plaster is enough for you, because its dimensions are 1200 × 2500 mm. It’s better to use a wall view that has thickness 12.5 mm. To work you would need:

  • GKL sheet or trim,
  • profile or wooden planks,
  • roulette,
  • level,
  • stationery knife,
  • putty knife,
  • finishing putty,
  • primer,
  • perforated corner,
  • paint net
  • screwdriver and drywall screws.

In order to most accurately represent how much space will take mark the fireplace you depicted in the drawing, mark the place of installation on the wall and transfer the external dimensions to it. Move to the opposite wall and evaluate the result. You may need to slightly reduce or increase the size, or change the location. At this stage you can still to deposit all kinds of amendments. Only after you are completely satisfied with the dimensions and place, proceed to cutting out the parts and fixing the frame, subject to changes, if any.

  • Basis for frame there may be remnants of a special profile for drywall or even wooden planks. According to the marking, screw the first elements with screws to the wall. It is not recommended to use nails - threaded connections are much more reliable. If the size of the fireplace is quite large, for its stability and reliability, make additional mounting points on the floor. Use horizontal jumpers to give constructions rigidity. In the case of fastening profiles to a concrete base, first just attach it to the wall and drill a hole with it. After that, insert the dowel and fasten with self-tapping screws. The evenness of each element is required. control the building level.
  • After the frame is ready, transfer the dimensions of all the walls to the GKL sheet, trying to arrange them as close as possible so that there is less waste. For cutting, you can use either a regular stationery knife or a jigsaw. True, there will be a lot of dust from the latter and the cardboard around the edges may frown and tear if you move too fast. All details needed preliminarily try on and finish the edges with sandpaper, if necessary. When you make sure that all the elements fit perfectly to the frame, you can proceed to their consolidation.
  • Be careful, twisting screws. With proper installation, their hat should be buried in the surface of drywall to a depth of about 1 mm. This will greatly facilitate the further process of facing. Recommended distance between fasteners - 10-15 cm.
  • After sheathing, it is necessary hide all joints and bumps. Finishing putty is best for this. Prior surfaces must be primed. If the wall does not consist of a single piece, then the joints between the fragments must be glue with masking tape. All corners should be aligned using perforated corners, and then apply the first layer of mortar. Putty should be distributed uniform thin layer. After drying, irregularities and sagging must be cleaned with sandpaper or a special metal mesh. Primer again to remove dust and apply the top coat again.

At this stage, the construction of a false fireplace from drywall is considered completed. Next, the small business remains - the decor of its surface, which we will talk about a little later.

Number 3. Foam Fireplace

One more fast and simple manufacturing method A false fireplace is the use of foam sheets. They can be purchased at any hardware store. Better buy sheets 100 mm thick. You can use transportation foam, which remains from the purchased refrigerator, TV, washing machine or other equipment. If you do not plan to move, then it is unlikely to be useful to you, but in terms of density, it is much superior to the finishing option. Draw a drawing and figure out if you have enough material. Besides must have:

  • adhesive solution
  • mixing container
  • putty knife,
  • level,
  • hacksaw
  • paint net:
  • priming,
  • putty finish.

To to avoid chopping and uneven edges when cutting parts, use a small hacksaw for metal. Due to the large thickness and density, it is unlikely that it will be possible to simply cut a fragment with a knife accurately. Break off half-cut elements is also not worth it, in the event of a crack, such a piece can no longer be used. We will glue the elements to the wall and with each other using a special foam solution. Very important buy a mixture specifically for the installation of this material. Due to the very slippery surface, which is practically devoid of absorbent properties, another type of composition may simply not stick together the elements. The wall, floor and ends of the foam that will come into contact with them must first be primed and allowed to dry. Knead the mixture strictly following the instructions.

Begin installation from the side parts. The solution is applied to the wall and floor, focusing on pre-made markings. After leaning on the foam. Until the mortar has set, use the level to check that it is level and adjust by need of it position. So all the details are gradually connected. After the frame has dried, it is necessary to plaster its surface and prepare it for subsequent decor. This can not be done if you plan to glue decorative foam bricks.

The foam surface is very hard putty. To facilitate this process and provide the necessary level of adhesion, it is necessary to paste over the entire surface with a paint net. If the edges come out jagged and torn, use a corner. The process of applying putty is similar to that described in the previous version. After complete drying, the foam fireplace is ready for decorative cladding. If you liked this manufacturing option, then keep in mind that the construction of this material in the future should not be used as the location of pots with home plants, various equipment and other heavy objects. Only decorative items.

Number 4. False fireplace made of chipboard or old furniture

Another very suitable type of material for creating an artificial hearth is a chipboard. Can use as normal polished Chipboard and laminated. The choice is based on how the finished product will look. If you want to imitate a wooden fireplace, then, of course, it is better to give preference to chipboard. Beginning of work should be produced, as in the first embodiment, from the drawing. In this case, it is necessary not only to present the dimensions more realistically, but also so that in the place where you will purchase the chipboard sheet, you can immediately cut it into the necessary fragments. It is very convenient both in terms of facilitated transportation and during assembly. At home, you just have to fasten all the elements together with the help of screws. Main difference false fireplace made of particleboard from the construction of drywall - this is it mobility. It is not necessary to fasten it tightly to the wall in order to achieve stability. Having equipped a small base stand for it, you will make a completely independent design, changing the location of which is not difficult. And if you wish, you can even equip it with small wheels. With proper skills, you can cut the sheet yourself. In the case of using chipboard, you must purchase and decorative edge which will hide the ends and make them more accurate. By the way, for the manufacture of a "wooden" fireplace you can use and old shelves or cabinets. And small doors can even serve as side walls. It will cost a lot less. The finished product must be disposed of from dust and sawdust and rubbed with furniture polish. A fireplace from ordinary chipboard is subject to further decoration.

No. 5. Polyurethane raised fireplace

This modern material won the recognition of many designers and ordinary consumers. This is not surprising, because in addition to its attractive appearance, it can bend and take on various forms. You can easily find in stores or on the Internet a lot of offers for sale already ready portals from polyurethane. Moreover, their diversity will allow not only to choose the required size, but also the style of execution. The models are presented both in the form of strict, straight lines, and with a richer finish that imitates stucco elements and even wood carvings. In general, with the choice you will not have difficulty. Installing it, too, is not difficult. You just need to stick it to the wall using a special adhesive solution in the desired location. Then you can paint the surface of the portal or give particular luxury individual elements by applying gold, bronze or silver powder. In addition to a solid portal, you can simulate it using various moldings or half columns of the same material, as if to indicate the zone of the focus, but not so explicitly. Of course, this option is less realistic, but in some interiors it will be quite appropriate. Especially in rooms with limited free space, which I want to diversify a little.

No. 6. Raised brick fireplace

This option allows to achieve as much as possible realistic external kind of. But at the same time, efforts and costs require much more than in previous versions. For masonry, a facing brick is used. The only nuance this method is the weight of the finished structure, especially if it has considerable dimensions. Therefore, before you start work, evaluate the condition of your floors. If you are sure that they can easily withstand a considerable load - feel free to get down to business. You would need:

  • N pieces of bricks
  • mixture for masonry,
  • Master OK,
  • primer,
  • a container for mixing the solution,
  • whisk for a drill.

To solve the main the taskhow many bricks are needed, a drawing with all sizes is needed. Knowing the dimensions of one brick, you can easily navigate with the total quantity in the store. In any case, the seller will always help you. Masonry not be difficult. The main thing is to check the straightness of each row. To set a benchmark for yourself, mark up on the floor and wall. This will help to avoid distortions. Knead the solution strictly following the instructions and observe the agreed proportions. Otherwise, your masonry can "crawl" and all your labors will go down the drain. To achieve a more uniform mass, use a whisk for the drill. Do not spread the solution with a thin layer, but do not overlay it in heaps. It is necessary to adhere to one thickness, distributing the mixture evenly. A little tip - Do not lay it on the entire surface of the brick, leave about 1 cm from each edge free. When you will lay a brick on top, you need to tap it a bit to keep it well. In this case, the solution will certainly protrude, and dirty the bottom row. If you follow our advice, you will be able to avoid this, and the seams will be even and neat.

Do not forget that the finished mixture has the necessary properties only for a certain period of time. Usually it’s 60-120 minutes, read more specifically on the package. Therefore, you should not be distracted during work. Chesswork looks most effective, but in this case you cannot avoid the need for cutting. The grinder and the diamond wheel will help you with this. Do not forget about personal protective equipment. Stone fireplace will need to be closed with a lid on top. The finished brick portal does not need external decoration.

Trim Fireplace

Now the turn has come creative stage which consists in giving the frame the desired appearance. There are a lot of options for facing the fireplace. For the choice to be successful, you must remember that a real fireplace consists of four core elements - portal, cover, firebox and back wall. Consider the methods of finishing each element individually.

We decorate the portal

Depending on the style of the room, you can use the following techniques:

  • Most easy way - this is a painting. The advantage of this method lies in its low cost, speed of execution and the ability to choose absolutely any shade.
  • Most realistic way - it is facing with decorative sandstone, gypsum or foam bricks. They stick to a special mixture. To maintain the same seams, use plastic crosses for masonry. The larger the portal, the wider they should be. Bricks after installation can be painted in the desired color.
  • Wooden panels also very appropriate for the design of false fireplaces in a classic style. To protect the surface previously open it with varnish.
  • Decorative elements from plaster or polyurethane stucco molding look great on plain smooth portals. They immediately become elegant and presentable.
  • You can use decorative mosaic or even tiled tile small sizes. You can lay out a specific pattern. In principle, any cladding materials may be used. Even wallpaper the color of the wall and create the feeling that it was squeezed out of the wall. If only the design style did not contradict the interior rooms.

What to use for lining

Strong designs For example, from drywall or real brick:

  • You can cover with a piece of real wood, opened with varnish or a slab of artificial stone
  • You can use as a basis a cut of plywood or chipboard and veneer them with porcelain stoneware.

More fragile designs should not be heavily burdened.

  • You can decorate a small cover pebbles. To do this, a thin layer should be applied with a thin layer of adhesive mixture and drown pebbles in it. After drying, open with varnish.
  • Leftover remains laminate flooring after repair - excellent! Feel free to use it for the final structural element.
  • You can use the same material as for the construction of a false fireplace. To do this, simply paint the lid with a color or highlight with a contrasting shade.

What to place in the furnace and how to beat the back wall

If you decide to use an electric fireplace, then niche depth under it should be at least 40 cm and have a power outlet. In all other cases, a depth of 20 cm is sufficient. firebox can post following items:

  • Candles which will help create a very warm atmosphere and perfectly simulate the lights of a real flame. For a more harmonious composition, use candles of different heights and diameters.
  • Real logs which will be stacked on top of each other will create the feeling that you are about to light a real fire.
  • Large river pebbles mixed with multi-colored decorative pebbles.
  • Can be placed on the floor diode tape with a yellow spectrum of light, cover it with plexiglass or ordinary, and pour the same pebbles or glass balls from above. The effect of light glow will be created, like from hot coals.
  • It is possible at all nothing Do not put it in, but leave this place free by simply placing a decorative forged grate in front of the fireplace.
  • You can even put vases with flowers, various figurines or small pillows.

Back wall may be:

  • Continuation portal and look the same
  • Lined with decorative brick, which will give it more realism,
  • Have picture, which represents fire
  • It is pasted over with mirror panels or a piece of real mirrors. This technique will help visually deepen the niche.

False fireplace in the living room interior

Due to the fact that the false fireplace is absolutely is safe in terms of fire safety, it can to have at any indoors. Even in the nursery. An exception are structures equipped with candles or electrical elements. With a great desire and the availability of space, you can arrange a fireplace in the dining room. But many are inclined to believe that it is living room yet is an most appropriate premises for this. Just imagine how you sit in the evening, after a hard working day, with a howling favorite chair with a cup of delicious coffee or a glass of wine, and enjoy the view of a burning fire. And all this in an ordinary apartment ... Immediately comes the feeling of calm, harmony and peace. Even without simulating fire, this element will create an indescribable feeling of comfort which will be appreciated by all your guests and family members. Your living room will become their favorite meeting place and celebration, because it is in this room that all friendly gatherings and warm family evenings are held.

The role of the fireplace in interior design

In a city apartment do not allow the installation of a fireplace conditions. Moreover, its construction is a rather laborious and costly process, therefore not every owner of a private house is able to build a fireplace. But there is an easier option - imitation.

It is possible to make a false fireplace with your own hands, without possessing special skills and means. Of course, you can offer the purchase of a finished fireplace, for example, decorative imitation on power supply or with heating elements. However, such devices are quite expensive. Do it yourself:

  • Firstly, it saves the family budget. Since consumables do not require significant investments and are available to everyone.
  • Secondly, in this case, it becomes possible to create a unique interior item that will fully meet the needs and desires of the owner.
  • Thirdly, self-made things carry a special energy of warmth and love that will surround all households and guests of the house.

False fireplaces can perform various functions. The main objective of the object is decor. However, such designs can also mask radiators, in addition, they can be an artificial source of heat or frame other elements of the interior. In any case, a false fireplace is a multifunctional object.

Structural Classification

Each room has its own characteristics, so it is worthwhile to analyze the possibilities of constructing a structure with their regard. Depending on the purpose and method of construction, simulations of a fireplace are classified:

  1. Authentic imitations are designs that completely copy the original. In this case, not only the external signs of the fireplace are imitated, but also the basic principles of the object. For example, you can make a fireplace made of brick or drywall with stone trim, and put a heating element inside. Such a composition will provide a complete imitation of the focus. This is a fairly costly method, but the result is worth it.
  2. Conventional fireplace is a lightweight structure protruding from the wall. The structure can be decorated to your liking. Typically, candles are placed in a fire hole or filled with decorative elements, such as firewood or large crystals of Himalayan salt.
  3. A symbolic false object is performed arbitrarily using any improvised materials. It can be a drawing or a fresco on the wall in the form of a hearth or a lightweight construction made of cardboard or polystyrene.

The choice of species depends on the interior, budget and preferences of the owner. An important role is played by the available space in the room.

Materials used

At the beginning of work, people usually think about what a fireplace can be made of. In fact, everything is simple. False fireplaces are made from simple materials. Which are characterized by low cost, and in some cases are waiting for their fate on the balcony or in the closet. Materials used in the manufacture of artificial hearth:

  • Plywood,
  • Drywall
  • Styrofoam,
  • Paperboard,
  • Chipboard
  • Fiberboard
  • Solid wood, including lining,
  • Polyurethane,
  • Brick.

Materials that have served their purpose may also go into business. For example, you can use old furniture as a frame of an object or old equipment (TV, washing machine). Competent decoration will breathe a second life into things gathering dust in the cabins.

Polyurethane imitation

This is a simple way that does not require investments and labor. To do this, you need to purchase a ready-made portal for a fireplace made of polyurethane in a hardware store. In this case, it is worth taking the choice of an object that should correspond to the style of the room and have the appropriate size. An electric fireplace can be mounted in a polyurethane structure. However, it is worth taking care of the quality of ventilation and safe connection to the electrical network in advance. The moment of correspondence of the electric fireplace and the opening of the portal is important.

Otherwise, when making such an imitation, difficulties should not arise. For the construction you will need materials:

  • Ready-made portal made of polyurethane,
  • Glue,
  • Putty,
  • Finishing materials (decorative stone or brick, tile).

After all the materials are prepared, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of a fireplace simulator of polyurethane. This process is quite simple.:

  1. First of all, you need to choose a place for installation. The best option would be the side wall of the room. The fireplace should be located so that it does not interfere with the passage and does not clutter up the room.
  2. If the hearth will be equipped with an electric heating element, backlight, then you need to take care of the presence of wiring or an outlet in close proximity to the object.
  3. The frame is made of wooden or aluminum carriers, the walls are made of light and dense material (plywood or drywall).
  4. The portal of polyurethane is installed in the hole of the frame and fixed with contact adhesive. Gaps carefully putty.
  5. The last stage is decoration. Finishing with artificial stone or tile is carried out according to the instructions for use of the source material. As a decor, you can install a mantelpiece made of wood or stone.

Such portals are also made of wood. But they are many times more expensive. However, you can find real masterpieces, for example, additionally equipped with a built-in bar or other useful elements.

False fireplace from old furniture

The most budget option, which allows you to make a false fireplace with backlight from an old unnecessary sideboard or cabinet. For work you will need:

  • jigsaw
  • wood sanding machine,
  • screwdriver
  • plywood sheets
  • putty,
  • acrylic paint
  • finishing materials: stucco and gypsum finishing stone, decorative elements.

False fireplace from old furniture

The technology for executing a false fireplace from an old sideboard:

    Doors are removed from the old-style sideboard and the lower cabinet is removed, leaving only the upper section. They put her on her side.

We make a false fireplace from the old sideboard

We sew the fireplace facade with plywood

Decorating a raised fireplace from an old sideboard

Fireplace decoration

Decorative fireplace fits perfectly into the interior of a city apartment. You can make a false fireplace from almost any material, and their shape and design depends only on your imagination, because unlike a wood or gas fireplace, decorative foci are absolutely safe, do not require the use of fire-resistant materials and fire safety measures. You will not need to buy firewood and light a flame - just light candles or lights, and the room will be filled with soft light and comfort.

Do-it-yourself wood fireplace in one working day:

Plywood construction

Such art objects are used to hide the flaws of the room.. For example, it may be an unaesthetic heating radiator, a niche.

The initial step in the process is planning. To save time and money, it is recommended to draw up a design drawing taking into account the dimensions of the structure. After that, blanks for the frame of an artificial fireplace are cut from a bar. The structure is assembled directly in place with a screwdriver, observing the requirements of the sketch. Then the frame is sheathed with plywood. The fireplace can be supplemented with a podium or a shelf. An imitation of a firebox is mounted on the back wall. Exterior walls are decorated with decorative film or wallpaper.

This design is mobile. It is not fixed to the wall, so you can always move it to another place and gain access to the wall. Large stones or candles can be placed in the furnace opening.

You can make your own decorative grille. To do this, you need a copper profile or aluminum wire. The ceiling is given a decorative shape and painted with gold, silver or bronze paint. Attach the grate to the fireplace body with a thin copper wire.

Such an artificial fireplace will not only mask the flaws, but will also become an interior decoration.

Photos of ready-made false fireplaces would be distinguished from the present?

False fireplace in the attic of an apartment building

False fireplace in the guest room

False fireplace in the office

False fireplace in the hall

The second life of old furniture

The most budget option is a fireplace made of old furniture. Surely everyone has an old sideboard or closet. Do not rush to send them to a landfill. On the basis of the cabinet, you can create a design element of the interior. This requires:

  • Plywood,
  • Jigsaw,
  • Sander,
  • Screwdriver
  • Acrylic paint
  • Putty,
  • LED strip,
  • Decorative elements (stucco molding, gypsum decorative stone, balusters).

Having prepared materials and tools, it is necessary to draw up a sketch of the future fireplace. Only then proceed with the assembly. The main stages of the process:

  1. We disassemble the old cabinet or sideboard before receiving the box. For this, doors and shelves are dismantled. If the sideboard is equipped with a mirror, then it should be left.
  2. The structure is reinforced with bars on the front side of the structure.
  3. Further, with the help of plywood sheets, the frame of the future fireplace is formed. At the same time, the lower mezzanine can serve as a blower, you can leave it in the form of a mantelpiece or give it a curly shape.
  4. The finished frame must be decorated. In order for the decor elements to be firmly attached to the surface, it is worth processing the glossy surface with a grinder. After that, the surface must be primed. LED lamp puts inside the fireplace. The surface is decorated with film and stucco elements. The mirror allows you to create the effect of a burning hearth. Pebbles, shells or crystals can be placed in the furnace.

At minimal cost it is possible to get a stylish vintage piece of furniture. He will decorate the room and create an atmosphere of mystery from an old fairy tale.

It’s not difficult to build an artificial fireplace at home. Attention, the desire to create and working capacity - this is what you need to enjoy the uniqueness and warmth of an art object created by your own hands.

Do-it-yourself video instruction for creating a false fireplace

One of the simplest and most beautiful fake drywall fireplaces:

Pavel Vorobyov Chief Editor

Posted on 05/10/2018

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General points

As we have already said, a real stove or fireplace cannot be put in a city apartment. A permit for the construction of such structures should be requested from the controlling organizations, and they will definitely give a refusal, motivating it by the absence of the necessary chimneys in the house and weak ceilings. Therefore, city residents should look at fake fireplaces, a decorative accessory that performs an exclusively aesthetic function.

A well-made imitation of a fireplace with your own hands in the apartment will occupy a worthy central place. It will become the main focus in the room, its main attraction. At the same time, there is no particular difficulty in building such a miracle, you can easily make a false fireplace with your own hands, even if you do not have the skills in construction work.

If you want some functionality, and not just contemplation of artificially made fire, then it’s permissible to incorporate an electric fireplace or bio-fireplace into the portal of our simulation. These two modern devices are good in their own way:

  • electric fireplace recreates the heating function,
  • bio fireplace gives you the opportunity to enjoy real fire.

Building a false fireplace with imitation of flame is a very exciting and interesting activity, from the development of a sketch of a future building to the decoration of the finished product. If you approach the issue of creating such a decorative element is thought out, then it is easy to notice that such a building has a lot of advantages, for example:

  • Of course, the budget for the construction of a false fireplace with your own hands is assumed, but even if you use the most expensive finishing materials, it will be affordable and small. If you want to build a false fireplace from cardboard, then the cost of such a structure will be the lowest. In any case, placing a false analogue of a fireplace in an apartment will be inexpensive.
  • To make a fake fireplace with your own hands, building materials will be required. All of them can easily be found in any hardware store, and many are already in your home. The cost of materials is also quite affordable.
  • The construction of such structures requires a creative approach, especially at the stage of decoration, and here you have complete freedom. If you did not like the final result, you can always change the appearance of the structure. This approach makes your building universal, suitable for a different interior.
  • To decorate a fake fireplace, often expensive and exclusive materials are not required, most often there are enough improvised means. Some options do not involve decoration in the simple sense of the word.
  • The resulting design meets all fire safety standards, especially if you use exclusively imitation of fire, artificial firewood.

Having set the goal to build a false fireplace with your own hands, it is advisable to clearly imagine how it will look in the end, how it will fit into the interior. It is conditionally possible to divide such structures into three groups:

    1. Among those imitating real fireplaces, buildings stand out that fully correspond with their appearance to real analogues. The dummy made according to this principle does not look any different from a real fireplace, because the same sizes, similar materials are used, classical decoration is carried out, and a real fire is also burning in the firebox, this is a bio-fireplace burner. To make a false fireplace from a brick of this kind is rather laborious and expensive, but if you want to recreate a full-fledged fireplace, then this is ideal.
    2. Another type of decorative fireplaces involves the creation or purchase of a bulky portal. A fireplace of a blende of such a plan imitates the appearance of a real analogue, but it is often decorated to the taste of the owners. Decorative firewood, candles, beautiful accessories and, in rare cases, imitation of fire are placed in a firebox of this design.
    3. The latter view remotely resembles a real fireplace, but according to the general idea, this structure is implied. This is an alternative way to bring the hearth home, for example, by painting it on canvas and fixing it on the wall, or by putting a box with candles in the corner.

Depending on which option you have chosen from the above, the construction may vary slightly. For example, to make a decorative fireplace in natural size with your own hands out of brick, you will have to master the masonry, and to create a cardboard model you just need a fantasy and a sharp knife.

Features of the choice of material

The choice of building material for the manufacture of an artificial fireplace is very large, the variety of options is amazing, but you need to find the right one for you. To make the right choice, focus on a number of factors: your work skills, budget, room interior, and the desired result. What construction stores can offer:

  • Brick - used for the construction of a cumbersome full analogue. For the construction of the building will require a clear drawing, a large budget and excellent skills in construction work. A great addition to such a decorative brick building can be a real fire, which is easy to obtain by installing a biofireplace in the system.
  • Wood - wood refers to plywood, chipboard, chipboard, timber. To build a wooden fireplace is not difficult. The frame is fastened from a bar and sheathed with plywood, or a structure is immediately created from finished sheets of chipboard. The resulting design will have sufficient strength, which will allow you to place additional decorative accessories in it and on it. How to make a false fireplace from wood can be seen on many sites, including ours.

  • Drywall - this material is used for sheathing a metal or wooden frame of a decorative product. Everyone can make a drywall fireplace, this is the most malleable and easy to install building material. The manuals for building dummies of their giprok on the Internet are full.
  • Polyurethane - most often ready-made portals of this material are sold in stores. You just need to bring a decorative fireplace made of polyurethane to your home, unpack and install in the right place. Polyurethane is a modern, higher-quality and durable analogue of gypsum, which is gradually fading into the background.
  • Gypsum - gypsum portals are becoming less and less popular. This is explained by their fragility, heavy weight, a tendency to darken from moisture and the appearance of yellowness from time to time. At the same time, the plaster decorative fireplace will look great in a classic interior, and the stucco made by you personally can become its main feature.
  • Polyfoam - this material perfectly simulates the volume and at the same time practically has no weight. You can build a great fireplace made of polystyrene foam, which you will get on holidays, and on weekdays to clean in the pantry. There are no difficulties in working with such material.

  • Cardboard - to build a fireplace from cardboard is considered a very simple and natural affair. This pliable packaging material easily takes on the desired shapes, which can only be fixed. Decorating with improvised materials will hide the unsightly look of cardboard, an exclusive and beautiful thing will turn out.
  • Old furniture - many craftsmen can assemble a fireplace from an old cabinet, but this approach is hardly justified for the production of a beautiful decorative structure. All such an old wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table have already outlived their lives and are not suitable for the manufacture of a new product. However, this is an opinion exclusively of our editorial staff; you may have completely different thoughts on this subject.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to make a false fireplace in the apartment yourself, choose the right material and start construction. It is worth noting that, regardless of the selected material, the principle is approximately the same. From whatever you decide to make your dummy, there is only one tactic. How to carry out the phased construction of a decorative fireplace with our own hands, we will consider further.

Step-by-step construction

Let's take a general look at how to make an imitation of a fireplace yourself, without resorting to the services of third-party masters and not bothering yourself much. The step-by-step instruction in this case will look as follows:

  • The basis of all work will be thorough preparation. You should choose a place suitable for the main accessory of the room, determine the size. Remember the classic rules of design: for large rooms, large structures are appropriate, for small ones - small.
  • Next, you should pick up a sketch of the fireplace and make a drawing in which all sizes will be clearly spelled out. Choosing the appearance of your building on the Internet, try to take into account the style of the interior of the room. A drawing with all sizes will allow you to calculate the required amount of material.
  • When you have a drawing with dimensions, a tool and building material on hand, you can start making a false fireplace with your own hands. The first step is to mark up at a chosen place in the room, and then erect the frame.
  • The frame is sheathed with a suitable material, the overall contour of the structure is obtained. If you buy a ready-made portal, for example, from polyurethane or gypsum, you do not need to build a frame and sheathe it, you will immediately go to the decoration stage. Although for some beautiful architectural portals built from plaster, completion is not required at all.
  • When the portal is built, it should be decorated. Here you can use wallpaper, decorative artificial stone, tile, plastic, and other materials, you should arrange a false fireplace at your discretion. How to decorate a decorative fireplace, you can see everything on the same Internet, since designers are not shy and post their work.
  • In the firebox of the false fireplace there will be a fireplace where you can put fire, or put firewood, candles. Note that the candle fireplace looks quite elegant and pretty.
  • You can finish making a false fireplace with your own hands by decorating the outer space next to the fake. You can arrange suitable household items, accessories, and arrange a recreation area around the perimeter.

This technique may vary slightly when working with different materials, but the general principles are always respected.

In conclusion, I want to say that making a false fireplace yourself is quite simple. If you do not know how, you can watch videos, master classes, photo materials on the network, and you can turn on your imagination. The resulting decorative fireplace, even if not quite real, will certainly bring additional coziness, comfort and warmth to the house, of which we are sure.