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I see you through: how to understand that a girl likes you


The easiest way to find out if a girl likes you is to take and ask. But we are not looking for easy ways. And not every sincerely admits everything. Even today, in the era of feminism, girls leave men with the right to take the initiative. We, I tell you, are only on hand. Stimulates being "faster, higher, stronger." And today you will become one more unit of quality better, because you will learn to read women like an open book.

Body language: how to understand what a girl likes by look and gestures

“She came up and said she liked me. She offered to go to me. She threw me on the bed at home, and we had violent sex, "- what does this remind you of? Right. In reality, the girl you like will be stingy in expressing feelings. And it's not just about the shy girl of the Puritan school. In this sense, everyone is the same.

If you want to live up to gray hair, “you don’t eat meat, you don’t know a woman” - wait until he comes up and offers to come to you. There is another option - to learn to read women. You understand what she wants - you know what to do to you.

  • With high probability you like a girl whose gaze lingers on you for longer than 2-3 seconds and comes back to you constantly. Even better - the young lady lowers her gaze to your chest or crotch. What this says is easy to guess.
  • By the way erotically interested woman will show the inside of her wrists. Do not ask why. Just remember. If a girl strives to show you this part of her body, she probably scrolls the hottest scenes with you in her head.
  • That a woman likes you signal hair manipulation. For example, she shakes her "mane", throwing her back and showing her neck. Or pulling a lock of hair in his hands - strokes, straightens, winds on a finger. Or coquettishly lays hair behind the ear, presenting you a flawless oval face.
  • Pay attention to the pose. The girl demonstrates the location, turning to you body. At the sight of you, she holds the posture - a straight back allows you to push out your chest. Even shoes whose socks are directed at you can tell about sympathy. What, not a single shoe in your direction? Then bookmark our site and read priceless (and, most importantly, free) dating information on time and time.
  • The girl you like will seek (and find) an excuse to touch you. Shakes off non-existent dust particles. Removes the fallen cilia from the cheek. He runs his hands over your shirt with the words "what interesting stuff." The most desperate even stumble to be in the hands of the object of interest.

Read more about this in Allan Pisa’s book, Body Language. How to read the thoughts of others by gestures. " Read it for sure. You look at the world with completely different eyes.

Touts itself

And, of course, the woman who really likes you will be bullshit - try to impress. That is, to the question “What are you doing?” You will probably hear: “I am reading Marquez”, “I am preparing lasagna”, “I am going to a fitness room”.

There are still many ways to understand that a woman has fallen in love with you. By the way, on social networks (VK, Facebook, etc.), girls are completely ready to like your posts, comment on your photos and post information that emphasizes the commonality of tastes (you are about ecology, it is about dying turtles). And we are moving on to the third dimension of the life of a modern person - work.

Flirt at work: how to find out what a colleague likes a woman

Hot sex in a meeting room is as normal as a bottle of cognac in a work cupboard. And where else to love and be loved, if not at work, when it is there that we spend maximum time, and after a busy day we dream of only one thing - to hug with your favorite pillow. In general, “languishing of the flesh at work” is absolutely natural. And this is how a woman who clearly languishes for you behaves:

  • it regularly appears in your field of vision, even if you work in different departments, on different floors or even in different buildings,
  • communicating with you, a colleague strokes his neck, pulls his hair, touches earrings, rings or a chain, sublimating the desire to touch,
  • speaks to you differently than to other male colleagues, involuntarily changing the tempo, timbre, intonation and rhythm of the voice,
  • at meetings “assent”, expressing support and agreeing with your proposals, ideas, thoughts and plans,
  • careful in the details - for example, it makes coffee personally for you and, of course, with the right amount of sugar,
  • like any woman, begins to manically monitor her appearance and changes a strict suit to a more feminine look.

Women remain women even at work, because there is no such law as “to love is forbidden”. And everything that does not violate the criminal code easily fits into the working charter.

How to understand what a girl likes Taurus

Taurus, on the contrary, keeps feelings to himself and is in no hurry to declassify them. This is probably due to excessive rationalism - Taurus is always focused on strong relationships and never rushes into the maelstrom of feelings with her head. In any case, having noticed signs of mutual sympathy, begin to intensively care. Women of this sign favor generous and gallant men.

How to understand what a Gemini girl likes

Flirtation and coquetry of this person should not be taken at face value. Often tokens are nothing more than a way to diversify a routine. What really gives twin interest is the desire to invest in communication. Never standing at the stove - rush to rush to cook. Indifferent to football - will buy a scarf of your favorite team and a ticket for the next match.

How to understand what a girl like Lioness

Lionesses are accustomed to condescendingly accept love. Falling in love, they feel at ease - torn apart by the contradiction between the need to bear the crown and the desire to throw everything, including themselves, at the feet of the chosen one. In this situation, the Lioness can become aggressive, demanding or disappear. Not for long. Having cooled down and having thought over the action plan, she comes back.

How to understand what Libra girl likes

The girl Libra will not deny herself the pleasure of making contact with a man who is interested. To build an impregnable girl out of herself is not her manners. True, flirting, always leaves a way to retreat. In case you suddenly disagree with her, and with Libra this happens all the time.

How to understand what a girl likes Aquarius

She smiles so much that it seems that interest is evident. Interest is certainly present. In principle, Aquarius is interested in everything. As for sympathies, it is almost impossible to reliably identify them by some external signs. Perhaps only unfolding friendship can talk about something. The commonality of interests and views for Aquarius is everything.

There is a question: how to understand whether you like a girl

And a few words about the problem, which, at first glance, is not a problem. “I don’t understand whether I like the girl or not,” guys sometimes write. In general, sooner or later, you’ll definitely understand. On the other hand, why pull the cat by the eggs, if you can dot it right now.

You definitely like a girl more than a friend, if you:

  • often or even constantly thinking about her, sometimes to the detriment of work,
  • Looking for a reason to write, call, touch or meet,
  • for the sake of meeting I’m ready to change my plans, and in general, I’m ready for a lot,
  • you worry when you see her or hear about her (heartbeat),
  • you are jealous of seeing her in contact, even verbally, with others.

By the way, if everything we talked about, you have no one to attach to, immediately register on a dating site and practice. A detailed review of the dating portals with the comments of experts and users, see the link. Good luck to you!