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Ps, lady, come: 19 tips on how to meet girls on the street


This is probably the most common question for guys who want to start dating girls. And it sounds like this: how to approach a girl you like and get to know her? And they can add: how to get rid of fear at the same time?

I want to say that such questions are absolutely natural and today we will analyze what is required to start taking the first steps.

How to start approaching girls

In your life you meet beautiful girls in completely different situations and places: on the street, in a club, in transport, in the gym, in school (at school, at the university), etc. It would seem that these places are completely different, and act and you need to speak differently in them. But one thing unites them absolutely for sure, it is your will to take the first step and speak. If it’s not enough, and you don’t take any action in principle, then it’s pointless to talk about “what should she say”

First, you should realize the main thing: you can go up to the girl, even if you say all kinds of nonsense. But capable of action. And here some guys have a big mistake. They think that they cannot come because they do not know what to say. This is a complete fallacy, a kind of excuse. You have to make the following installation for yourself: I can go up to any girl in any situation and ask her, for example, what time is it or how to get there. If such an installation works for you, then we can move on to specific situations and make idle approaches effective. Let's start with the main and best place for dating - the streets.

How to approach a girl on the street

It is as difficult to approach and get acquainted with girls on the street as it is both easy and pleasant at the same time. I’ll try to clarify. Street is a pretty tough place for beginners. Girls are in a hurry, there are a lot of people around (social pressure), there may be bad weather, etc. That is a lot of negative factors. But there are also positive ones. And they are not less. Firstly, you can meet anyone on the street: a girl with any social status, status, level of education, etc. For example, a person who, for various reasons, has no page at all in VK. She lives in real life, works, goes in for sports, and she does not have time to take glamorous pictures and stupid in a comp. Is it tempting? This one can be found on the street in your city.

To begin to approach, it is better to use social openers.

An example of a street approach:

You: I need your help. Are you local

Girl: Yes. Something to suggest?

You: Exactly. Tell me where in this city you can go with a girl. Recommend a cool place.

The girl is telling. You either say thank you and all the best (in this case, the approach was for training purposes, to remove fear and tune in to communication), or take her phone number (you can continue the legend as you like: say that this is your friend, you have not seen her for a long time and you want to go somewhere with her, or in general, that this girl is the one you just went to. And you will go to this place the other day).

You can also ask girls “female opinion” (who often lies: a man or woman, who often changes: men or women, etc.)

After you start to get "social approaches", you can move on to directive.

Directive approach - this is such an approach in which you express your intention to a girl directly. For example, you liked her, and you wanted to invite her on a date. You come up and tell her about it. Such approaches are the most effective, subject to a certain leveling.

An important point: it can immediately turn out clumsily, and the girls will not leave their numbers. To start getting really good, you should methodically do approaches day after day and gain experience.

The exercise

Do 2 sets a day for 15 consecutive days. No more and no less. It is important to do EVERY day no matter what. From experience, for beginners in the first days it takes about 2 hours for 2 approaches (many girls miss because of excitement and excuses). Then, on the 3-4th day, it takes about an hour, but these days are the most difficult morally (breaks down and does not want to do anything). But then you realize that all this is not so scary, refusals do not scare, and real euphoria comes. You see, everything is much easier than I thought. It is important not to stop, but to continue to exercise. If you do it, after 15 days you will feel like a different person.

How to approach a girl at school (at school, university)

Here you can come up with a lot of effective and original options.

  • Find out what a girl is fond of. Maybe she goes to some additional classes, in a section, a circle, getting ready for a theatrical performance. If you wish, you can connect to be united with her in one occupation. Therefore, you can start a conversation, help her and advise. Ask yourself something. The option is quite time-consuming, but at the output you can get a good result.

  • Knock her down. By chance. Yes, yes, do not be alarmed 🙂. After all, at school and the university everyone moves a lot, walks between classes and classrooms. You accidentally bump into her and immediately say something like: oh, forgive me, I'm so absent-minded today, I need to clean my eyes. Not much bruise? How can I make amends? And then: what's the name, from which class-group blah blah blah. Profit!

How to approach a girl in a club

Main club success principle - You have to communicate with many girls. If you don’t know how to do this, first you will learn to exchange a couple of phrases with a girl, then say her “see you again” and proceed to the second. For seduction in the club to be effective, you need to be as sociable and overclocked as possible. When you meet a beautiful girl in this state, the question “how to approach the girl you like?” Will not arise. Everything will happen by itself 🙂.

1. At any moment you can meet the love of your life

Every time you go out, be fully armed. To the point that you memorize a couple of jokes before going out - if you don’t make fun, then at least you will touch her with your sincere zeal to impress.

Do not try to tell vulgar jokes, dirty jokes and such nonsense. Remember for life - girls do not like this, do not understand such approaches and insult them. Have in your arsenal a couple of unpretentious neutral jokes, and preferably really funny.

Clothing should reflect your personality.

And if you write it in simple terms, then "Dress normally, man."

1. If you are a loaferbut put on expensive business suit, to specifically make some impression, then you are doomed to shame and failure. Do not underestimate the girls: the gap between your real personality and the image you are trying to create will come to the surface in a few minutes of conversation.

2. Here are these romantic stories about the fact that it is impossible to judge a person’s personality by his appearance, leave it for the younger classes of the church school. In reality, if you go outside in a dirty shirt / jacket / pants, then you are either lazy or untidy, and you are most likely untidy in everything.

3. The secret to a million: a woman in most cases looks at shoes. So, if there is any money, it is better to buy a new pair.

1. Choose a pedestrian crowded place

For example, a street with many restaurants, cafes, shops, a large park, the vicinity of famous coffee houses.

The ideal option is to make “trips” in the spring or summer, when a chance meeting can be smoothly translated into intimate conversation on the veranda of the establishment with a glass or a glass of something.

2. Choose the right time

If it is morning or evening on a weekday, it is very unlikely that you will meet a reciprocal desire to maintain a long dialogue with you or something more: everyone rushes from work or to work, nervous, want to eat and sleep (or kill). Choose a weekend, evening time, when everyone is relaxed and prone to dating.

Look like you have business

(In addition to the desire to meet girls).

For those characters who call themselves pickups and periodically take to the streets to “hunt for females,” apparently confusing themselves with representatives of the animal world, it is always clear that this is their real goal for the day.

It will repel any self-respecting girl immediately, you can be sure. Therefore, create at least the appearance that you were walking on your urgent matters, and, literally risking your career, stopped to get to know her. There are a couple of life hacks:

1. God! You got lost.

Poor, poor man! You were going to Starbucks yourself, you know that he is here somewhere nearby, but you have a dead phone, and indeed you are from the Stone Age and do not know the word “navigator”. Ask the girl you want to meet how to get to this coffee shop.

After all, you are not at all specially five minutes away from her, and she, the infection, as if she had specially disappeared from sight. Only a girl can save you.

1. Your goals with the girl may not coincide

It is clear that you, perhaps, are also going to an important meeting, and along the way you came across an incredible beauty.

Initially, you did not set the goal of meeting a girl today, but your plans have changed dramatically. You are a man and the ability to quickly make important decisions in your blood.

In women, everything is somewhat different, so do not be surprised that a girl may not want to get acquainted just because she herself does not know why.

And if she is still in a hurry for an important meeting, it’s a trumpet. But if you do not ask, you will never get an answer.

2. Lack of experience

If you, having sufficient experience, knew the exact statistics, how many girls would refuse to meet you, and how many of them would agree to meet, you would understand that in order to achieve a positive result, you only need to systematically apply sufficient effort. Everything else is a matter of time.

Lack of experience and results leads to doubts that give rise to various fears.

While there is no experience, it is not worth making conclusions and any conclusions. Get involved and improve your skills.

3. Fear of dating

People are always afraid of something. But guys, aren’t they people? Moreover, if before you did not know how to meet a girl on the street.

Lack of experience, low motivation, unwillingness to change for the better, all this leads to the fact that men easily enter into a state of stupor, when on the contrary it is necessary to show their best qualities.

Do not judge yourself, because this is normal.

However, in addition to the necessary experience in acquaintance with girls, there are other reasons, as well as additional ways to get rid of the fear of dating.

The method of begging or how not to get acquainted

Imagine that you are a rich, respectable man who inexplicably found himself in a dysfunctional area of ​​the city, so dysfunctional that only beggars surround you.

They are just everywhere, the whole street is teeming with beggars.

These dirty homeless people, like zombies, come up to you one by one, grabbing the sleeves of your expensive coat with the words “Give me money. Give me something. ”

Think about how you feel about such people?

Puff Daddy Method or How to Get Acquainted

There is such an American rapper Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy, with the goal of having a party, could rent a club, stir up a party and throw 300,000 U.S. green dollars into the business.

So imagine you are Puff Daddy. You are riding your open top car, and the interior of the car is full of beauties.

And here you are moving slowly on your car, all around is fun, music sounds for the whole, and then bam, another beauty is walking along the sidewalk.

You muffle the music and shout: “Hey hello beauty! Come with me!"

All onlookers around are watching what the girl will do.

But instead of getting into your car, the girl goes on about her business.

Will you really worry about this? Yes and ... ren with her, you think. She is worse. On the drum, what others will think.

By the way, if you asked a question, why do you need another girl, if they are already a full car - you obviously did not feel like Puff Daddy.

Change your attitude to such a situation radically, and then it will be easier for you to meet a girl on the street.

It's not that you need to get something from the girl. The bottom line is that she has a great opportunity to meet such a wonderful person who you are.

Myths about dating on the street with a girl

1) Girls do not meet on the street

Girls get acquainted everywhere, including on the street.

2) The girl will send you three letters

In order for the girl to send you away, you will have to try very hard.

3) Getting to know the street is hard

It’s really harder to learn dating skills on the street than for example learning how to meet a girl in a club.

But, having received the necessary experience and result, in the future you will not experience any obvious problems when meeting on the street. Especially if you start practicing at a more appropriate time for this.

4) Girls do not like you, and on the street they do not pay attention to you

Do not confuse what girls pay attention to with the way they show their inner attitude to the surrounding reality.

You can’t even imagine how many girls turn their attention to you every day, they just don’t give a look. In addition, women have better peripheral vision.

At the same time, remember that everyone will never like you, and this is absolutely normal.

Pros of meeting a girl on the street

Practicing your outdoor dating skills will add a lot of points to your self-esteem.

But keep in mind that points will be added after gaining the necessary experience. You’ll have to work at the very beginning.

2) Learning to get acquainted with a girl on the street, you can get acquainted anywhere

Now you don’t care. Parks, bars, libraries, and any other place where girls can be, become a platform for your battle to win a female heart.

The place of acquaintance ceases to be a factor for you that has a decisive influence on the result.

3) Not all girls attend night clubs

Acquaintances on the street expand your opportunities in finding a worthy girl.

There are girls who prefer trips to nature, sports or hiking to noisy parties.

To draw such lovely ladies into your life, you will have to meet girls on the street.

4) You can adequately evaluate a girl in all her glory

The disadvantage of dating on the Internet is that initially you do not see how a girl looks.

The negative sides of dating in a nightclub are the negative effects of alcohol, dim lights, loud music, night time, as well as a tired state that does not allow a girl to be properly assessed, including her appearance.

When meeting in a public place, the girl is in full view, and you are completely adequate.

1. Look good

In order to meet a girl on the street, you must look good. A neat appearance is a very important element in effective dating.

Prefer the classic style: shirt, pants, shoes, T-shirt, jeans, sneakers.

If it so happened that you went out to walk your dog in training, and a beautiful woman is coming towards you, do not miss the moment, the attempt is not torture. But it is better if you are in an appropriate presentable form.

You should be as natural and relaxed as possible. With experience you will become so, do not hesitate, but in the beginning, at least seem confident and natural, even if everything inside shakes.

To gain naturalness and confidence, straighten your back, do not look down at the ground, but look the girl directly in the eye, and be sure to smile.

A smile will make you relax and increase your confidence.

In addition, for a girl at the very beginning of communication, you don’t know anyone with unclear intentions, therefore, smiling, you characterize yourself as a person who does not have any insidious intentions regarding a sweet person. You are a positive and open young man.

2. Approach the girl correctly

Best if the girl will go forward. At the same time, she noticed you, you met with looks, exchanged smiles.

This is the main motive for action. This situation is definitely not to be missed.

But even if the stranger walks on the side and does not look at you, you can still try to get to know each other.

However, if you come up from behind and, having not yet appeared in the zone of her attention, start to say something, the girl may be scared, and the acquaintance will not take place.

If it so happened that the beauty passed by, and it suddenly dawned on you that you should not miss this opportunity, boldly turn around and catch up with the girl.

Begin the conversation when, being near, you will overtake the girl on the case. First, she should see you next to her, and only then hear your first words.

However, remember that there are no unambiguous laws, and act on the circumstances.

If you have to scream out of the darkness to the girl after “Stop, wait, wait!” - scream. The author of this article had to do so, and the acquaintance was successful.

And yet this is not the best option.

3. Start a conversation

One of the best options is to get to know the context, i.e. as if the acquaintance begins by itself:

  1. “Wow, what a beautiful dress.”
  2. “You looked at me so tenderly ...”
  3. “Ничего себе, какой у тебя интересный взгляд.”
  4. “Так очередь медленно двигается. Здесь всегда так?”
  5. “Погодка не балует. А как вас зовут?”
  6. “Привет. Ты кажешься мне знакомой. Как тебя зовут?”

Еще фразы для знакомства с девушкой на улице:

  1. "Hello. I saw you, you seemed to me an interesting girl, and I decided to come up to talk. What's your name?"
  2. "Hello. Where are you going? ”
  3. “Stop for a minute. What's your name?"
  4. “Waiting for someone? I’m also waiting for a friend. ”
  5. “Hi, you're pretty. I'm in a hurry now, but I would like to have some coffee with you. Let's exchange numbers and call in more suitable conditions. ”He took the number, found out the name and left.

If both you and the girl have free time for communication, immediately transfer the channel of acquaintance on the first date. Hit with the iron while it's hot.

In general, despite the fact that the ultimate formal purpose of dating is to exchange phone numbers, the real purpose of dating is to get the girl to her and arouse a feeling of trust towards you.

You're not a phone number collector.

If you immediately took a girl’s phone number and left back home, then chances are that she will not answer your call later.

You for her are just some stranger to whom she stupidly left her number.

Your task is to become “your boyfriend”, “new acquaintance”, “cool dude” for the girl, and not to remain in her memory as “some kind of brow from the street”.

Therefore, in reality, phrase number 5 from the previous classification is not the best option.

After you have entered into communication, try to stretch the communication with the girl as much as possible.

Take her home, walk some distance with her, or just stand and talk for a while.

If she does not understand what you are (an adequate, confident, cheerful guy), most likely your acquaintance will not be developed.

If a girl is in a big hurry somewhere and doesn’t want to stop talking or doesn’t slow down, do not run alongside her like a little dog, especially if you are on the other side.

If the words “Stop! Wait! ”They don’t act on her, wish her good luck in your mind and go about your business.

If the girl begins to hesitate, leave the phone number or not, get your phone out of your pocket and say: “Call the number, I’ll write it down.”

When you take a phone number, do not forget to make a test call on the girl’s mobile phone while she’s nearby, because these beautiful creatures sometimes give left phone numbers.

4. Develop communication

To develop the conversation, you can focus on the positive line of the girl, and then continue the thought:

  1. “You have beautiful legs, probably you go to the gym.”
  2. “You have such a close look, as if you were looking into the soul.”
  3. “You have a nice voice, do you happen to work as a DJ on the radio?”
  4. “I have the feeling that you may seem rather restrained to unfamiliar people, but in reality you are a very sociable person.”
  5. “You're cool. I would like to go with you to Miami for a few months. I would get a job selling hot dogs, you would work as a lifeguard on the beach, and in the evenings we would surf. ”

Then ask anything you want:

  1. What is doing here? Lives nearby, works?
  2. Do you like living in this area (working at this job)?
  3. If he lives, and where does he work (study)?
  4. If he works (studies), where does he live?
  5. What does he do in his free time?

5. Have a desire and the right attitude

This is a very important psychological setting. If you don’t really want to get to know each other, you won’t be able to overcome your fear, if it is certainly present.

Only sincere awareness that you want to get acquainted will allow you to approach the girl and start communication.

Learn to “accelerate” to obtain the necessary “combat” state. To help you some cool music with headphones and some training stuffing (approaches) in front of working tackles.

6. Do not look for a magic pill

Many guys believe that you can find out some kind of secret that will help to somehow get acquainted with a girl on the street in a special way and with special ease.

They think that there are magical words, uttering which the girl will melt and be ready for anything.

Of course, you can’t be aggressive, lethargic, insecure, bring complete nonsense or be silent like a boob, be too gloomy or laugh out of place like Przewalski’s horse, even without the slightest excuse (to be honest, all this is allowed until you gain valuable experience, after which ni).

It is forbidden to try to get acquainted in dirty or torn clothes, as well as with a groomed face and in the image of an unkempt hippie (this is always forbidden).

Be yourself, a great guy who knows what he needs, and it doesn’t matter whether the girl agrees to meet, or the result of the approach will be a rejection (by the way, the rejection may follow not because you're bad, but because the girl is in a relationship or for other reasons).

You will get what you want, if you do not stop and continue to try to get acquainted with the girls.

As a result, you will become that capital handsome man who will be surprised to recall that he once had problems with girls.

It will seem to you that now you are making much less effort, and efficiency has increased significantly.

This is because you have experience, confidence and healthy nonsense.

7. Do not be dependent on the result.

In fact, we control the positive result of meeting a girl on the street by a maximum of 30%, while 70% are outside the scope of our skills and other attributes of effective dating.

Therefore, you should not bathe at all, as the acquaintance ends. He came up, started a conversation, and then whatever happens.

And one more thing: do not think too much, sometimes thinking for the head is harmful. Turn off the flow of thoughts and start communication.

Thus, the scheme of how to meet a girl on the street
  1. He indicated his presence and benevolent intention.
  2. He started the conversation and developed it to the level of a pleasant conversation.
  3. He took a phone number or arranged a first date. Well, or just went on empty-handed, to the next object of potential love.
  4. Do not forget to say goodbye to the girl. Although you can just, smiling, silently go into the sunset.

P.s. The first approaches will be the most difficult (in fact, they will be ordinary, but you may find it difficult).

It is very important to learn how to do stuffing: do not think about what and how will happen, I saw a girl and go.

The right attitude

Before you get to know each other on the street, you need to work on your psychological attitude. The main obstacle for most men is the fear of rejection. By the way, it is completely justified - according to statistics, only 2 out of 10 attempts at street dating are successful.

Tune in to the fact that at the initial stage of failure you can not avoid. So that self-esteem does not suffer, take the process as an exciting study. If you drive, remember how you first got behind the wheel. It was scary, the body did not obey, the legs trembled. What conclusion did you make after that?

Surely you decided that you do not have skills yet, you need to practice more, and then each time the ride will become easier and more enjoyable. And what would happen if, after the first unsuccessful attempt, you began to consider yourself an unsuitable loser, fell into despondency and promised to never sit down again? That's right - you would still be walking.

Acquaintance is also a skill that requires practice, experience, feedback. After each failure, repeat the mantra to yourself: “It's okay, I'm just learning.” Over time, the negative experience will be replaced by the positive, and you will begin to enjoy dating any girl.

Keep track of style

The pursuit of fashion for a man is useless, but it will not hurt to have an idea of ​​what they wear today. You don’t want to pass for the guest from the last century, who arrived by time machine? Moreover, the designers of the mass market did their best and did almost everything for you - you just have to learn how to combine things and adapt them for yourself.

Hint: all popular clothing stores have Internet sites where you can see ready-made images on living people.

Pay attention to details

Details reflect your personality, allow you to express yourself. The chip may be a tattoo, a provocative inscription on a T-shirt, an unusual bracelet. Show your imagination, reveal your personality - girls love it. No wonder they say that the devil is in the details.

On the basis of odors, a person forms an attitude of trust or distrust of a new object, therefore it is very important to monitor personal hygiene. The smell of sweat and fume on unfamiliar girls acts repulsively. When she falls in love, any of your smell will seem pleasant and dear to her, but while you are a stranger - no.

Pick up a nice perfume. The only requirement is that he should not smell like her grandfather's cologne.

Watch your speech. Try to get rid of parasite words, slang, rude and common words. About the mat, I hope, and so everyone understands.

Do not talk too loud and laugh - it pushes. But also to mutter something under his breath - too. Follow the rules of the golden mean. This also applies to speech speed.

Good manners

Elementary courtesy and tact can attract any person. Always refer to a stranger on “you,” even if she is younger than you. If you ask for help, even purely symbolic, do not forget about “please” and “thank you”.

Gallantry is an advanced level of politeness. If men knew what credit of sympathy they receive from a girl for each noble gesture, they would use these weapons constantly. Skipping forward, holding the door, giving way - it's so easy.


Adequately evaluate your chances of success by choosing an object for dating. A healthy stable self-esteem and a sober look at yourself beloved will help you in this. If these options are not available, here is a test to help you.

Take a closer look at the stranger and figure out how many girls from your environment with similar external data would like to meet with you. Now try to imagine how many guys like you want to meet this girl. If the numbers are not in your favor, and the difference is significant, the chances are small.

Self confidence

Having fulfilled all the previous recommendations, you are already pumping your confidence - a 100% guarantee. At the initial stage, its lack is compensated by a high level of motivation - if you are not yet sure of the success of the meeting, then you should at least be sure that you need it. Like practice, experience and feedback.


The most winning, safe, universal strategy. If you are shy or afraid, it will help you save your self-esteem. The bottom line is that you begin your acquaintance with a neutral small talk, using the context of the situation. Situations may be dictated by circumstances or created by you. For clarity, I will give 4 examples.

  1. You noticed a girl at a bus stop and decided to get to know each other. Come and take a look at the route and schedule of the bus you need. Or ask how to get to your destination.
  2. Classic version - offer to help carry heavy bags. Just do not grab them from her hands, otherwise she will decide that you are a robber. You can offer an umbrella if it is raining, to carry it home, if the street is dark and scary. Any pertinent help would do.

  1. Ask where your chosen one bought her handbag / blouse / chain, etc. Your sister’s birthday is coming soon, and you would like to give her the same one.
  2. Sometimes the idea for a conversation can be brought to you by the girl herself. For example, she walks with a dog. Come, ask permission to stroke her pet, take an interest in the breed - girls willingly say that they love. Instead of a dog, there may be a book, a portrait of a favorite group on a T-shirt, an interesting and unusual accessory.

The advantage of this strategy is that you can “probe the ground” before openly expressing your sympathy and intention to get to know each other. By the reaction of the girl to your first phrases, you can easily understand whether she is located to you or is closed.

If you are smiling, willingly supporting the conversation and taking part - go to the acquaintance, you will see a green light. If the chosen one answers in monosyllables, looks away or through you, and her face is gloomy - turn fishing rods.

It is possible that Madame will disagree with you during the conversation. Then you can politely take your leave and go home, while preserving both your and her nerve cells.


This strategy is for those who do not like to pull the cat by the tail, but prefer to go straight to the point. The probability of receiving a refusal using this method is much higher - be prepared for this.

So, you have outlined a “sacrifice” and are ready to bring down all your masculine charm on it. If she is walking down the street to meet you, try to catch her eye and smile. Having caught up with the beauty, stop, but not blocking her path, but slightly to the side. If you go in one direction, first catch up with her and go a few steps nearby.

Never speak to a girl from behind. And even more so do not grab her hand or shoulder.

Start dating with greetings. Speak in a friendly and enthusiastic way, smile. Leave all your importance and pomp at home - do not talk to the girl as if you were doing her a favor.

At this stage, it is very important what image the girl will draw in her head. The worst option is if she decides that you are an illegible womanizer or a grief pikaper who gets to know everyone in a pursuit of quantity. Such can be easily recognized by the ordinary tone, impersonality, well-worn phrases and a smug smirk. They cause nothing but ridicule.

Ideally, the girl should have the impression that you are a self-sufficient and demanded man who just goes about his business and does not plan any acquaintances, but suddenly sees her. So love stories begin in many films, have you noticed? Each representative of the fair sex considers herself unique and dreams of a man who sees in it a “highlight” at first sight.

I will give examples of what a girl can say to achieve such an effect. By the way, a slight embarrassment will play into your hands, do not be ashamed of it and try to hide it.

  1. “You smile so charmingly that I forgot where I was going.”
  2. “I never came up with what to tell you to get to know each other. Let's imagine that I already said that. ”
  3. “I never met on the street, but today seems to be a special day.”
  4. “Excuse me for my tactlessness, but I won’t forgive myself if I don’t know your name.”
  5. “I liked you so much that I couldn’t help sharing this information with you.”
  6. “What have you done to me? I worry like a student before an exam. ”
  7. “I don’t know what to say in such cases ... Maybe we just have some coffee together?”

I will tell you another secret (forgive me girls). If you meet two friends, one of whom is noticeably superior to the other in beauty and spectacularity, come up and express sympathy for the simpler one. If you liked her, of course, you should not do this out of idle curiosity. The effect will be simply stunning - you will defeat her on the spot.

Watch this video, there are many useful tips.

Strategy for the most daring. Its danger is that in case of failure you can not just run into a refusal, but also cause aggression against you. But such a risk is more than offset by a horse dose of adrenaline.

You need to act on the verge of self-confidence and arrogance. You can even neglect the rules of courtesy and turn to “you”. Your goal is to arouse emotions in the girl, “break” the template, confuse. And until she recovered from the shock, quickly move on to the acquaintance.

  1. Sit down on a girl on a bench and with a straight face say: “I have come. Are you tired of waiting for me here? ”
  2. Having passed the stranger, turn around and ask: “Why did you pinch me?”
  3. Look at the girl for a few minutes without taking your eyes off, and then say: “Why are you looking at me so closely?”

Compliments - friends or enemies

It is worth being careful with compliments during an acquaintance. Until the girl has revealed herself to you as a person, the only thing you can compliment her with is her appearance. And this is a minefield. One wrong word, and - broads! - She turns away and with a displeased face goes into the sunset.

To prevent this from happening, read the following phrases and forget them, like a nightmare!

In the anti-compliment charts, the word “pretty” takes an honorable first place. Girls hate him! And all because there is the coveted word “beautiful”. So say it.

  1. “I like your legs / fingers / hands / ears, etc.”

Compliments to individual parts of the body sound too impersonal, and sometimes even condescending.

  1. “You can drown in your bottomless eyes.”

Avoid formulaic phrases and poetic exaggerations. They give the impression of the homework of a seasoned womanizer, meeting 10 girls a day.

I will share with you a little trick on how to make a girl nice without resorting to standard compliments. It's all about the right serve. The compliment should not be your words themselves, but the conclusion that the girl will make of them.

For example, you can start an acquaintance like this: “Have you accidentally starred to advertise jewelry? I think I saw your photo on the storefront. ”The girl will be pleased that you mistook her for a fashion model, because only very beautiful ones are shot in advertising.

You can play on female psychology. Большинство девушек 20+ стремятся выглядеть моложе. Подыграйте им! Можете спросить, на каком курсе ваша избранница учится, если видите, что она уже не студентка. Не забудьте искренне удивиться, услышав ее реальный возраст.

Номер телефона любой ценой

Главная цель знакомства на улице – понравиться девушке и вызвать у нее желание продолжить общение. Если у вас это получится, она с радостью оставит вам свой номер телефона.

But some men confuse cause and effect and try, at all costs, to beg the girl for the coveted number, as if it were a code from a safe with a million dollars. Persuasion, manipulation, pressure on pity, an appeal to conscience and even threats are used. Never do that, men — it humiliates you.

The golden rule of all dating - do not be beggars. Respect yourself and the girl!

In one guide for beginner pickups, it is advised to immediately check the phone number for correctness by making a dialer. Girls, they say, are so insidious that they can deceive. Yes, that happens. As a rule, there are two reasons - the chosen one is afraid to injure you with a direct refusal, or you got her so persuaded that it was easier for her to give up.

In any case, do not try to bring it to clean water, like a ridiculous child. This will not add sympathy to you.

You will not praise yourself - no one will praise

This item is about such an indispensable quality as modesty. I ask you not to confuse it with self-doubt, these properties have nothing in common.

During the meeting, the temptation is great to report to the girl about all his achievements and strengths. My advice to you is to hold this trump card up your sleeve, it will still be useful to you.

Imagine that a stranger for no reason informs you that he is a cool specialist in his field, which has no equal in your city. What do you think about him? And if you learn the same information after a while, not from him, but from mutual friends or from the media? In which case will the effect be stronger?

Not only does praising your beloved devalue your virtues in the eyes of another person, you also gain a reputation as a braggart and a dummy. And much of what you and your mom are proud of is of dubious value to a stranger.

You can share your success if there is a request from that side. For example, you started a conversation with a girl, you say that you are engaged in sports, and she asks about your successes in competitions. Here you can safely tell about your achievements. But without bigotry, please.

Such valuable universal human qualities as intelligence, beauty, nobility, kindness should never be declared in words! A new friend should discover them in you herself.

“I didn’t feel pain!”

Learn to lose with dignity. If the girl refused you for some reason, do not try to mentally humiliate and devalue her. And even more so, do not throw out all your indignation at the poor fellow with the phrases “well, you’re a fool”, “you’re terrible yourself”, “there was a queen”, etc. Accept the fact of defeat and draw conclusions for the future. Otherwise, you will never learn anything.

Films for inspiration

Combine business with pleasure and watch these movies about dating. Perhaps some tricks after watching you decide to put into practice.

  • “Removal Rules: Hitch Method”, USA, 2005,
  • “Where is nofelet?”, USSR, 1987,
  • “School of villains”, USA, 2006,
  • The series “Lascivious California”, USA, 2007–2014.