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How to keep the old number


If you cannot change your landline or virtual telephone exchange just because of your favorite phone number, then this problem has already been solved.
You can connect the phone number of your company to the Virtual PBX Gravitel.

Very often, companies are tied to their "old" phone number because of its "hype" in advertisements, or as a result of prolonged use, or because it is indicated in tender documents, or even because of its beautiful sequence of numbers. And there are fears of losing contact with the external environment when changing the operator.

But at the same time, there is a need to change something in their telephony. The reasons for this may be different. The transition from a fixed telephone exchange to a virtual automatic telephone exchange in order to use high-quality cloud PBX services as an integral component of effective business. The need to get better IP-telephony, because the service of the current operator is not satisfied, its speed of modernization of its services or its inconsistency with business practice.

We have repeatedly told in our blog how the main and additional functions of the Virtual PBX Gravitel, of which we have at least 80, as well as integration with the proven CRM, can increase sales and optimize the work of sales departments. We are often contacted by companies that are attracted to our offer on all counts, but have a desire to connect to the PBX with their phone number.
Our company provides such an opportunity - connecting external numbers to our PBX.
But we went further. And now each client can do this through the web interface.

Web interface to help you!

Following customer requests, Gravitel is in constant development, offering more and more IP-telephony solutions for the needs of the business, making the work of the Virtual PBX as clear, simple and convenient as possible.
One of the latest innovations from Gravitel is the connection of external numbers via the web interface.
If earlier the connection process took a lot of time and required the participation of support, now clients can independently connect an external number, provided that it supports SIP protocol. After that, the number can be controlled using all the useful functionality of the PBX - call routing settings, answering machine, call forwarding and much more.
Of course, there is always the opportunity to call our technical support service or leave a request to connect an external number on the website or by mail.

“Old numbers are forgotten by themselves. "

“The client’s desire is the law” is the established rule of good service, which we follow. But we always offer our expert advice if we understand that there is a better solution to the problem than the client sees.
In the case of connecting external numbers, we recommend that you leave them exclusively for the period of transition and adaptation. Why?

1. The client continues to pay for the service, which he uses only as an auxiliary.
2. There is a blurring of the boundaries of responsibility. If a problem occurs on the side of the operator of the old number, the service suffers, for which we are responsible, but we will not be able to influence the elimination of the problem.
3. The numbering capacity of Gravitel allows you to select numbers in codes - 495, 499, 8 800, direct numbers of St. Petersburg, major cities of Russia and more than 40 cities of the Russian Federation, beautiful and VIP numbers.

If you still want to leave your old phone number, we respect your desire. You can connect any number of external numbers to our Virtual PBX.

How to drag an old number to a new tariff

Before changing a SIM card, you must completely close debts on the old connection. If you do not, there will be no "translation". You can switch only in the region where you live.

What do we have to do:

Contact the mobile salon and write a statement that you want to switch to another tariff plan. The driver’s license data is not taken into account, only the passport should be shown. A person must come in person - no mom-dad will not be able to arrange a service for you. This is possible only after the conclusion of the power of attorney. Having paid for the transfer of 100 rubles, you should wait some time before connecting (approximately 7-14 days). If for some reason you cannot “switch”, you will receive a message on a temporary SIM card.

Do not be surprised at the tempting SMS messages from the old tariff - all operators are interconnected and compete, trying with all their might to keep the subscriber. To do this, use simple methods: "stay with us and you will be credited with a bonus of 200 free minutes" or "you have the opportunity to use the connection for three months for free."

The advantage of Megafon is that you can transfer a number without leaving your home, that is, online. To do this, go to the official website of Megafon and fill out an online application. After some time, they will send you an agreement in which you inform about the change of operator, pay a fee (100 rubles) and wait for confirmation. Before that, it is also necessary to send a photo of the passport. The waiting time is from 7 days to a month. You can transfer the number in the usual way by visiting any mobile service.

Beeline operators have no remote clearance yet, but will be soon. To conclude an agreement, you must come to the service with documents and write a statement. If you want the transfer to occur later, indicate a favorable date.

The number is switched up to eight days if there is no debt. The connection will be reported in SMS message. Sometimes during the transition, communication problems occur.

One of the most convenient tariffs with low pay, and communication almost never fails. The principle of translation remains the same as on Beeline. " Addition: the application must indicate the old tariff. The transition to MTS and Rosttelecom is similar. What difficulties can be? While waiting and using a temporary card, at the final transition, you cannot transfer the rest of the money to a new SIM card. Such a nuisance applies to all mobile operators.