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Why is it important to be able to wear a bra


This is not to say that underwear does not fit in size without measuring it. Similarly, you cannot talk about a bra unless you know how to wear it.

The most common mistake is the wrong cup selection, which is why the entire bra does not fit.

    How to put on a bra and what should be done first? To get started, set the maximum strapless length on it. This will help to avoid stretch marks if the standard size is small, and will make it possible to adjust the normal size in the future.

How to put on a bra with an open back? Repeat all the same steps. If it is difficult to fasten the bra on the back, then turn it forward. After securing the holders, simply stick your hands in the straps.

After putting on, it is very important to carry out a check. On the element of underwear should not be wrinkles, twisting, which can lead to damage to the skin.

It is important to keep the bones in a normal position (if the bra is not seamless).

How to put on a bra with bare shoulders and correct it? Stage 2

After donning, it is important to correctly place the breast in the appropriate cup. This is done in the following sequence:

    It is necessary to fix the cup with your hand, holding it with your thumb on the bone. After that, take the chest with your other hand and raise it, lowering the cup. It is important that all empty space is filled, and the nipples are located in the middle.

If your bra does not have a strapless, then at this stage you can finish. It is important to check the belt that covers the back, because it is he who supports the chest.

Strapless length adjustment. Stage 3

The final action will be to establish a suitable length on the straps. It is worth remembering that chest support is carried out by a belt, so be sure to check it.

Adjustment is very simple. Put on the straps, and after that, choose the best length option.

After putting on the bra should be parallel to the floor. If you encounter the problem of folds in the area of ​​the upper part of the cups, then simply correct them by sticking your finger.

What makes wearing a bra so good?

Now you know how to put on a bra properly, and therefore you should talk about the benefits of this option of putting on underwear. There are several of them:

  1. You reduce the risk of breast tissue moving to the armpits or back. Due to improper distribution of the breast in the bra there is the possibility of deformation of the skin, but it is prevented.
  2. Flabby, hanging forms are unlikely to satisfy you. By putting on a bra correctly, you contribute to the support of the chest. Uncomfortable or inappropriate elements of the lower wardrobe can squeeze the skin and weaken it.

These 2 important benefits of wearing a bra properly will protect your chest from deformation.

Tips for Wearing and Putting on a Bra

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Correct the element described so that the chest fits snugly on the cups. They should not have empty space.
  2. When putting on a bra, do not forget to adjust the bones on it. Otherwise, they may dig into the body, causing pain.
  3. Choose material that allows your body to breathe. It may be cotton, but in no case will synthetics be suitable.

How to put on a bra? The answer is very simple: using the instructions in the article! First, the chest should enter the cups, then fasten the belt and check the location of the bust. Then adjust the length of the strapless and perform any body movements with pleasure.

Dress the bra correctly - 4 steps

If this is your first time wearing a bra, adjust the length of the strapless to full length.

Keep the bra straight in front of you. Lean forward slightly so that the chest completely fills the cups. Then wrap the ends of the bodice behind your back and fasten the bra in the most free position.

If you find it difficult to fasten the bra on the back, then this can be done in the front, and then turn the bodice upside down. However, this must be done very carefully, as there is a chance to damage the bones in the cups.

Make sure that the bra fits perfectly on the skin, (slide your finger along the inside of the bodice belt at the back) does not twist anywhere and there are no wrinkles. In addition, you need to check that the bodice belt is parallel to the floor. It is best that it is under the shoulder blades.

Fix with your hand the base of the cup where the bone is located, then straighten the chest, as if collecting breast tissue from the armpits into the cup so that the cup is completely filled (this should be done regardless of what size breast you have). In this case, your nipples should be located in the center of the cups.

Lean forward slightly while holding the bones with your hands. Shake the bra slightly to the left to the right. After that, as soon as you straighten up, the chest will fit perfectly into the cups and rise into them. You can make sure that the bra is sitting correctly by pressing on the bones - they should be located on the chest, and not on the chest.

Straighten and adjust the length of the strapless.
Remember that the bra belt, and not the straps, is most responsible for supporting the chest. Therefore, they should sit well and comfortably. With the adjustment of the strapless you have to face only when you first try on a bra.

Owners of a luxurious bust may notice that on top of the cups, their breasts are slightly puffed. This is easily fixed by tracing the index fingers along the inner edge of the entire calyx.

If you did everything right, then the chest in the bra should always be right in the center and be directed forward, and the bodice belt on the back is parallel to the floor.

What can be expected from this method

Applying this method every time you wear a bra: the bones, belt and cups will be correctly located on the chest, and the bra itself will lift the chest and provide optimal support.

In addition, it is possible to reduce skin folds in the armpits and on the back (especially for women with very magnificent breasts) due to the movement of breast tissue in the right direction.

Moving breast tissue is a condition in which breast tissue is redistributed from its normal position to the armpits or even to the back. As a result of this process, fatty or skin folds occur.

Often, breast tissue is moved due to prolonged wear of an incorrectly selected bra: cups too small and too large a belt (breast tissue is squeezed out by unsuitable cups to the sides and back, into the armpits). Nevertheless, this condition of the tissues can be corrected if, for a certain period of time, a properly selected bra is worn and properly worn.

Correction of changes caused by the movement of breast tissue can change the size of your bra, i.e. the size of the belt will decrease, and the volume of the cups will increase.

For example, for women with a volume of C and more it is not uncommon (although this can also be with women with a small breast size), when after several months of wearing a bra with the right size, you will need to buy a bodice model with cups one size larger.

This is due to the fact that the breast tissue, instead of spreading around the chest, on the contrary, concentrated in the right place. Therefore, we recommend that after you have found your correct bra size and began to wear it correctly, do not buy many bodices at once, but wait, because During this period, the size of your bra may change.

How to put on a bra - step by step instructions

  1. Adjust the length of the straps for yourself starting from the position of their maximum length,
  2. Lean forward slightly, put the straps on your shoulders, carefully place the bust in the cups, straightening the side and lower chest with your hand,
  3. After that, straighten the upper part of the mammary gland tissues so that there are no voids in the cups,
  4. Fasten the back of the bra to the most extreme, free position. If the hooks located on the back make it difficult to fasten independently, then you can put on the bra by turning it forward, but the straps must be removed. However, this method is not entirely convenient, and also contributes to the rapid stretching of the elastic strapless fabric,
  5. spread with your hand the entire surface of the corsetry in front and behind, check if there is an incorrectly sitting or twisted part,
  6. make sure that the straps are the length you need, if necessary, remove the bra and adjust the straps and put them on again.

Important! As the lateral elastic parts of the bra stretch, change the position to fasten the hooks closer to the left half. The extreme position of the clasp is a signal that soon a bra will need to be replaced with a new product very soon.

The bra with the clasp in front is put on differently:

  • put the straps on your shoulders
  • bringing cups under the chest on both sides, fasten the bra,
  • Leaning forward a little, correct the placed mammary glands inside according to the above recommendations,
  • if the straps are large, then remove the product, adjust their length, then put on the bra again.

How to understand that the bra is wearing correctly?

We are sure that when putting on a bra, you attach the greatest importance to the main actions:

  • very carefully stretch the chest, placing it in the cups,
  • make sure that the belt (lower part) is adjacent to the body, forming a straight line.
  • Important! Compliance with these basic rules will contribute to comfortable putting on and wearing a bra.

If you wear a properly selected bra, then you can understand whether it is correctly worn by the following points:

  1. the breast does not come out of the cups and does not hang over them, and in the cup itself there is no void, it does not form folds anywhere,
  2. the bones of the product are strictly under the chest, neither on the side nor on the bottom, the tissue of the mammary glands is not visible and is completely placed in the cup,
  3. the straps do not cut into the soft tissues of the shoulder, leave no traces, stretched to the maximum, do not fly off, no more than two fingers freely pass between the shoulder and the strap;
  4. the back of the product with a clasp does not press and does not crash into the body, or does not sag freely,
  5. the bra belt sits tight, but does not squeeze and does not cause discomfort, allows you to freely move and breathe. A belt that rises upward or does not fit to the body indicates an improper fit and incorrect model.. Ideally, the belt line should be parallel to the floor, both front and back,
  6. the breast is directed slightly upwards, the nipples are located in the center of the cup, the skin of the lower part of the bust and the skin tissue under the breast do not touch each other anywhere,
  7. with sudden movements, raising arms up, the bust does not “pop out” of the corsetry.

How to wear it to be comfortable?

A bra is chosen to support the chest and emphasize the beauty and grace of this part of the female body. He should be a friend who wraps a bust in a gentle, but secure hug. Squeezing, cutting into the body, redness of soft tissues are unacceptable. This means that your friend is not selected correctly and needs to be replaced..

Important! Twice a week you should change your bra to a fresh one. This is one of the steps to keep the mammary glands clean, and therefore healthy.

Some other manifestations are also uncomfortable:

  • constantly sliding or twisting straps,
  • twisted bones
  • bust popping out of cups.

All of the above is a signal for the selection of another corset product. This is very important because compliance with the norms and principles of choosing the right model will help to maintain a woman’s health without the risk of developing mastopathy, which in some cases can lead to the formation of tumors.