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How to increase adrenaline: Briefly from physiology, Epinephrine deficiency, Methods of obtaining


Adrenaline, called epinephrine in medicine, is a neurotransmitter that is released in response to stressful situations. The adrenaline rush causes an accelerated heartbeat, rapid breathing and gives an influx of strength and energy. Adrenaline rush usually occurs during stressful conditions, but with the help of certain actions you can cause it yourself. There is nothing wrong with periodically taking yourself out of your comfort zone; moreover, during the day you will not be disturbed by an additional burst of energy. You can get an adrenaline rush by experiencing fright or in the process of physical activity. But be careful. Do not endanger yourself in trying to get an adrenaline rush.

How to prepare for the EXAM?

DO NOT take sedatives, as they can inhibit the mental process and cause drowsiness.
Instead, you need to take a walk in the fresh air and get enough sleep:
7.5 hours for young men
8.5 hours for girls.

On the eve of the exam, monitor good nutrition.

Choose protein rich foods.
Lunch may consist of soup and meat (75-100 g) with vegetables,
Dinner of fish or chicken, sour cream.
The protein contained in these foods will nourish the brain.
Therefore, it will be easier to perceive and remember information.

It is also necessary to enrich and diversify food with vitamin products
- vegetables (cabbage, carrots) and fruits (bananas, oranges, grapefruits).
They will help to recharge with vigor and positive energy.

It is very useful during this period to eat various cereals.
They are rich in vitamins and trace elements that activate brain activity.

Before the exam itself, you should eat a couple of slices of chocolate,
which will help to concentrate and deal with stress.

Do not forget to bring a bottle of drinking water.

Clothing should choose comfortable and light colors.
Bright clothes will distract you and the examiners,
and too tight - to prevent focus on the task.

The main thing is the distribution of repetitions in time.
Repeat recommended immediately within 15-20 minutes, after 8-9 hours and after 24 hours.

It is useful to repeat the material 15-20 minutes before bedtime and in the morning, on a fresh head.
With each repetition, you need to comprehend the errors and pay attention to more difficult places.

Repetition will be effective if you reproduce the material in your own words close to the text.
It is better to make references to the text if it is not possible to recall the material within 2-3 minutes.

To translate information into long-term memory,
you need to do the repetitions after a day, two, and so on,
gradually increasing the time intervals between repetitions.

This method will provide memorization for a long time.

If you feel that because of the excitement you cannot concentrate,
You can do a little exercise several times:
count 1-4 breath, count 1-4 hold your breath, count 1-4 exhale.

When the written answer is written or the assignment is done, set the work aside.
Close your eyes and focus.

Take a deep breath through your nose, hold your breath for 5-10 seconds.,
exhale slowly (silently) through the mouth, dividing the air into three portions.

Hold your breath again for 2-3 seconds.
Take a deep breath, hold your breath, slowly exhale slowly.
Do you want to add anything to your answer?

Remember that the freshest thoughts come after the letter is already sealed.
If nothing else occurred to you, then you can go answer or take the job.

Who helps to learn everything during the night, and the next day to pass perfectly?

How to pass the EXAM immediately?

If everything is so started, I sit down and teach, I try to stand out the key points, to understand them.
I run through the rest fluently.
In the exam, fill in the gap with interpolation based on a good understanding of the selected keys.
In the worst case, I can’t solve the problems, but I can convincingly show on the defense an understanding of the topic.
Usually it rolls and allows you to stretch to Oud.

It happens that you can only learn a few tickets and order them for the exam.
This simplifies the task at times.

I do not make any drastic changes in nutrition; they are fraught with discomfort.

If the brain swam, go for a walk. If the weather allows, I’m learning on the street.
If there is no time left for a walk, I swallow brain stimulants.

The night before the exam I can’t sleep, even more
I advance to the rhythm of sleep through the night - 48 hours a day, in order to have time to enter it, as normal.

I prepare spurs and communication.

Having a reputation so it is quite possible to pass the non-main item well in emergency mode.
Reputation (even marks in the set-off) restrains the teacher from hitting and the desire to fill up.

3-7-10 days to prepare for the EXAM is enough to repeat the entire course

It’s enough for me from a week, from 10 days. It’s more useless, I’ll relax and spend extra days on daydreaming for a textbook, on “After this chapter I will make a break for 5 minutes”, which stretches for 50 or more minutes until the film ends.

When the session is not overloaded with test tails - 3 days between exams is the most for good preparation. You can’t learn from scratch, but repeat lectures, analyze complex topics and systematize is enough with a margin.

The last day all, even after lunch, I try to free for rest. I go for a walk, go to bed earlier. I get up at 4 a.m. and repeat the course - I test myself by running on exam questions and puzzles. If I remembered the topic and understand what to talk about and how to decide, I’ll run on. If you get into a dead end, quickly disassemble typical solutions. I make photo spurs for them.

Nicky - visual namesake



our nicknames look the same - visual namesakes.
Your post confused with yours and decided, the roof slid off exams - I answered myself.

I made myself an avatar

The Symphony of Keys and Associations is the guarantee of EXCELLENT EXAMINATION and KNOWLEDGE for centuries

On terms I agree with Chekav. A week is more than enough.

If, from scratch, to raise the course, how did I get now, having completely missed the school year,
then a month on the subject and come out for a short time to study.

The problem is that high performance will not work long and smooth.
It will be enough for a few days, and then it will fall down and the usual training rhythm will go.

Therefore, the conversation makes sense about the emergency delivery, about anyhow surrender, just not to fly out, etc.

Any method is suitable for such decisions, up to high-tech spurs
and blessed sponsorship to the university.

If I want to deceive, it is to learn, in order to know, understand and remember for a long time and reliably,
then I divide the course into sections, on topics, distribute them daily. I assign control points of self-surrender.

To better fit and easier to remember, I try to use the maximum number of associative connections.

Each topic is assigned its own color, its own background melody, its own place of study, its own type of paper, its own pen, its own design of computer files.
This makes it easier to remember easier to remove half-forgotten from memory through associations.

That is, I teach one topic at home, another on the windowsill, the third on the roof, the fourth on the balcony, the fifth by the river, the sixth in the park, the seventh in the cafe.
I write with different pens, in different files, in different notebooks, systematizing a bunch of redundant, namely redundant, parameters,
but thanks to them, at the exam I easily recall all the formulas from the red notebook, written with a thick hand, under Mozart.
And another theme goes under Joe Dassin, easy under Metal.

I learn one thing in the dark, brightly illuminating the necessary material so that it cuts into memory.
Another - on the colorful spring grass with yellow dandelions.

This variety facilitates the work of the brain. It does not dry out in the bindings of new materials.
In his arsenal is a huge warehouse of fresh impressions.

I teach this topic in the heat on the beach, and this one in the cool air conditioning of a shopping center.
One to the cries of teas, the other to the crowing of visitors to the cafe.

In such an environment, the brain does not enter saturation for a very long time, assimilates significantly more continuous flows, easier to reproduce.

Well and again, in what conditions I don’t teach, I highlight key points with additional accents of color, music, font size, bright taste in the mouth (black coffee, cognac, strawberries, mint, black pepper peas, ice cream,.)

If you manage to build a coherent logical structure of the Keys, their cause-effect relationships,
fit them all into a single system of associations - on the exam, the head does not sound like a rumble of emptiness,
and a harmonious symphony from the signals of all the senses.

In such an abundance of signals and connections, I easily draw the necessary from the memory and build the concept of the answer.

Briefly from physiology

Adrenaline (epinephrine) is a neurotransmitter that is involved in many reactions of the nervous system. It is produced in the adrenal medulla. The release of a portion of the substance into the blood occurs during an acute stressful situation, as a result of which the level of glucose and blood pressure increase, the heartbeat is stimulated, breathing is accelerated, and all defenses are mobilized.

In small doses, stress causes a pleasant sensation of stimulating effects. In exorbitant doses, fear and pain arise.

When the danger has passed, the reverse mechanisms are activated in the body and the level of epinephrine decreases, which affects other cells and tissues. Horror, excitement, pain and fear go away, people feel pleasure and euphoria.

It is pleasure after experiencing an emotional outburst that encourages people to look for ways to increase the level of adrenaline in the blood.

Epinephrine deficiency

What to do to a modern person with an excess of regularity and routine? The days are scheduled for the weeks ahead, the routine pursues in everyday life, at work, in relationships. Lack of adrenaline, symptoms are similar to depression. The city dweller is particularly urgently required new sensations, a variety of events.

Lack of adrenaline in the blood, symptoms:

  • apathy,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • low blood pressure
  • decreased libido
  • Depression
  • mood swings.

On the other hand, chronic stress causes the same reactions of the body. The only difference is the unwillingness and desire to change something.

What to do if you want to feel an emotional surge and adrenaline, how to cause euphoria from an experienced sense of danger?

Ways to get

Extreme travel as a researcher, not a spectator. The popularity of this tourism destination is growing every year. People want to climb higher, dive deeper, look for non-standard hobbies associated with difficulties and dangers, experience adrenaline. The list of permitted unusual types of physical activity is constantly expanding. Extreme sportsmen get an adrenaline addiction that encourages them to live to the limit of their abilities.

How to raise adrenaline in the blood, if there is no way to travel? The way to eat is to avoid everyday life. For example, to be in the place of a prisoner in a regular prison or a homeless person for several days. This entertainment is especially in demand among residents of large cities and in economically developed countries. Ask if there is a prison hotel in your city.

Excrete adrenaline in the blood, how to increase its level on weekdays? Psychologists advise to overcome the usual stereotypes of behavior. For example, abandon the usual trip by car and use public transport. Or do something that goes beyond personal comfort. For example, to perform from the stage, begin to learn dancing, ride an extreme attraction.

How to induce adrenaline at home? Horror films and gambling help to cope with the task well. If you are afraid or don’t know your reaction to an enclosed space, try to crawl under the bed or stop the elevator car between floors while inside.

A simple way to slightly increase epinephrine in the blood, get a boost of energy and strength - drink a cup of coffee.


Extreme unrest allows a person to understand himself, to know his abilities, to feel the taste of victory and the power to overcome fear. However, before provoking an adrenaline rush, deciding how to cause a situation of acute stress and come up with a way to implement it, think about the legality of actions so as not to cause trouble in the future.