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How to completely remove TeamViewer from your computer


Sometimes data about already uninstalled software remains on the computer. This usually refers to settings or temporary files. They occupy the space of the hard drive, which is almost always missing. The same is true for Tim Weaver.

If you just erase the remote access program from the operating system, some components will still remain. Understanding the situation, many users are interested in how to remove Timweaver completely. This is what this article is about.

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Complete removal

The Windows operating system provides a special tool for uninstalling programs. The instruction on how to remove TeamViewer completely is based on its use. Let's start with this method.

Go to Control Panel. The easiest way to open it is through the search function built into the menu "Start". Initially, it will start with a display option. "Categories". For ease of orientation, change it to icons. Now you need to find an item called "Programs and components".And in older versions of Windows it was "Installation and removal of programms". When you open it, downloading of the list of software installed in the system will begin. There you need to find TeamViewer. Click on this PCM column and select from the list of options Delete. In the next window, you need to check the box next to the item to erase the settings and confirm the action.

Alternative option

Many users have CCleaner installed on their computer. Its main function is to clean the system of unnecessary data. But also with its help it will turn out to uninstall programs. Accordingly, an alternative opens up, how to remove Tim Weaver completely from the computer.

To get started, close the remote access program on your PC. Next, run CCleaner on it. When it opens, go to the tab "Service".Now select the first subitem. In principle, the rest of the steps are the same as in the main part of the instructions. Find the item labeled TeamViewer in the list. Select it, and then click on "Uninstall".

Check the box again to erase the settings, and then press Delete. After a while, all the data about Tim Weaver on your computer will be destroyed. No temporary files will be left.

Which removal method to prefer

We will analyze two ways to uninstall TeamViewer: automatic - using the free program Revo Uninstaller - and manual. The second involves a fairly high level of user skills, for example, the ability to work with the registry editor, but it gives full control over the process. The automatic method will suit a user of any level, it is safer, but the result of the removal will be completely dependent on the program.

Method 1: uninstall the Revo Uninstaller program

Uninstallation programs, which include Revo Uninstaller, allow you to remove all traces of the application on the computer and in the Windows registry with minimal effort. Usually, the uninstallation process using the uninstaller takes 1-2 minutes, and a complete uninstallation of the application manually may take at least several times longer. In addition, the program makes mistakes less often than a person.

    After starting Revo, we get to the section "Uninstaller". Here we find TeamViewer and click on it with the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select Delete.

  • Follow the instructions of the program, delete all the proposed files, folders and links in the registry.
  • Upon completion, Revo Uninstaller will completely remove Teamviewer from the PC.

    How to remove teamviewer 11 connection limit

    How to remove teamviewer 11 connection limit

    Good afternoon, dear readers and subscribers, for sure each of you has encountered such a situation that when you try to connect to your friend or client through the teamviewer remote access program, you are thrown out in a few minutes and writes that you have a commercial version and its validity period has expired , buy a license, an attempt to reinstall the program on a non-commercial license does not work, let's figure out how to remove the connection limit for teamviewer 11, it will be suitable for other versions, I just use the latter.

    Method 2: manual removal

    Manual removal of programs does not have noticeable advantages over the operation of a specialized uninstall program. Usually they resort to it when the program is already uninstalled using regular Windows tools, after which there are undeleted files, folders and registry entries.

    Using the search or manually search for TeamViewer (1) and double-click on it with the left button (2), starting the uninstall process.

  • In the window "Uninstall TeamViewer" choose Delete Settings (1) and click Delete (2). After the end of the process, there will be several folders and files, as well as registry entries, which we will have to find and delete manually. Files and folders will not interest us, since there is no information about the settings in them, therefore we will work only with the registry.
  • Launch the registry editor: click on the keyboard "Win + R" and in line "Open" we recruit regedit .

    Select in the top menu "Editing" ->"To find". In the search box, type teamviewer click Find Next (2). We delete all found elements and registry keys. To continue the search, press the F3 key. We continue until the entire registry is scanned.

    After that, the computer is cleared of traces of TeamViewer.

    Remember that you must save it before editing the registry. You take all actions with the registry at your own risk. If you do not understand how to work with the registry editor, do nothing better!

    We examined two ways to remove TeamViewer from a computer - manual and automatic. If you are a novice user or just want to quickly remove TeamViewer traces, we recommend using the Revo Uninstaller program.

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    Connection failed due to timeout

    and so, as a patient, I have an operating system running Windows 8.1, but this does not fundamentally suit both earlier and newer wasps. After a month, it’s like if you selected a commercial license during the installation, so without seeing about the installation wizard clicked, now you are reaping the benefits

    You are kindly told that you do not worry, you will soon be able to connect for a couple of minutes, you just have to wait. And then the following window comes out:

    In short, the freebie is over, because the commercial license in teamviewer has a time limit.

    How to remove teamviewer completely from your computer

    The key word here is complete, because if you don’t clean all the tails, but simply delete and try to reinstall it, you will get all the errors, the connection is blocked due to exceeding the time limit. I don’t want to reinstall the OS in the form of a clean installation of Windows 8.1, and even these are not our methods. I needed to solve this with a little blood and the task was very important, since the employee thus shows the client our product and helps him to configure it.

    And since it is correct to remove teamviewer completely from the computer, I will give an example using regular means. Click the start button with the right click and select the control panel from the menu.

    Next, find there the item Programs and Features.

    Find teamviewer in the list and click delete, as an alternative, of course it is more convenient to use ccleaner or you can even remove the program from the Windows 8.1 command line.

    We put a daw Delete settings, you do not need them.

    Further, if you think that this is all and you completely removed teamviewer from the system, then do not be so naive, there are still a lot of tails and garbage left. Now open the ccleaner utility and clean the registry with it. She was able to delete something.

    But that's not all, in fact, there is still something left in the registry. Open the Windows registry editor. To do this, click Win + R and enter regedit.

    Next, press CTRL + F and enter the keyword teamviewer in the search bar, it is these hosts that can then return a session time limit in it when reinstalling.

    The first key is caught, right-click on it and delete, then press the F3 key and the search continues.

    The next place the program left a mark was the registry hive

    Next, I caught one key in a branch

    I don’t understand what the office has to do with it. We delete.

    And even registered in the mail client.

    A few more keys in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft WindowsNT branch

    Almost the finish line.

    In the end, you should get here a window in which you will be told that the search is completed and nothing was found. This essentially should solve the error that the connection is blocked due to exceeding the time limit, but one more thing.

    Turn on the display of hidden Windows files and go to this path

    And delete the Teamviewer folder there. We reboot your computer and try to establish a connection and check if the session time limit has left the teamviewer.

    Spare method for resolving connection errors blocked due to timeout

    There is also plan B, earlier I told you about useful extensions for google chrome, I found one more that I’ll include there, and this is a timiver in the form of a web application. Install it.

    Add to your applications.

    You will have it available at chrome: // apps.

    We start and enjoy life, you can connect to your client or friend and the connection error is blocked due to exceeding the time limit you will not be bothered.

    Why complete removal should be performed

    Complete removal of the software sometimes becomes a necessity. The fact is that during its work, the software can leave a lot of garbage on the hard disk and entries in the system registry. This, in turn, is the reason for the appearance of numerous bugs in the OS and other unpleasant surprises.

    Of course, you can just take and reinstall the whole Windows just the old-fashioned way, thus getting rid of all the garbage and tons of errors. However, it will be much more correct to carry out a more professional approach and what is called “hands” to remove all the accumulated trash. This is not at all difficult to do.

    Using special utilities

    You can also make the removal process more automated. For such purposes, there are many different utilities. Of course, we will not talk about all of them, but we will analyze one of the best representatives in its class - the “Uninstall Tool”.

    It differs from the standard tool built into Windows with the following advantages:

    • “Complete” deletion: there will be no garbage and extra data in the system,
    • Good speed: uninstallation is several times faster
    • Work with hidden and system software,
    • It can work in portable mode from a USB drive.

    This utility can be downloaded from the developer's site. For each new user, a trial period is provided, during which you can use all its capabilities for free. The test use period is 30 days.

    Using this software is very simple. It is enough to install the utility, run it and select TimVuver in the list of installed applications, then everything will be done automatically. No unnecessary actions related to the search for garbage left after the program will have to be performed.


    Now you know how to remove Tim Weaver completely from the computer. We examined two effective methods to uninstall TeamViewer from a PC. Which one to use, decide for yourself. However, it is highly recommended that you perform all operations manually without using third-party utilities.