Useful Tips

How to answer rudeness, insult and uncomfortable questions


To adequately respond to the insult, I recommend that you take note of 10 beautiful phrases. Do not stoop to swearing, but exquisitely repel attacks.

Anyone can shut up his mouth with swear words.

Another thing is when the insulted stumbles upon such humiliation that he can only shut up.

However, I urge you to carefully apply even beautiful expressions.

And then after all, you can shlopotat in the face.

* Grunt further, babe, and insult your mother, who has given birth to stupid insignificance.

* I may be a sucker, but only stupid insults take it back to your womb.

* When verbal diarrhea ends, wipe off a slobbery mouth that stinks of intestines.

* Insult me ​​as much as you like, just do not forget that a ton of negativity will return back to your spoiled geeks.

* You probably consider yourself a queen, insulting a man? Dureha, even in a local garbage dump and even such are not found.

* Now listen to me, peasant. There is so much shit in you that the stink is heard right up to Berlin. Go and insult your rubbish.

* Devonka, you didn’t even learn to swear at obscenities, but you’ve already got it all messed up. Your life will be offended by slipping slippery Down in the womb.

* I do not respond to insulting fools and old women, therefore, grandmother, it’s better not to croak. Swallow your tongue.

* When a man insults a woman, he is likened to a slime, which is reared on the zone.

* You will spit out your insults with teeth when you run into a stocky guy. Anyone can offend a girl.

Now you can beautifully answer all the insults.

I hasten to warn that most of the indicated phrases abound in software installation, so be careful in their practical use.

The material was prepared by I. Edwin Vostryakovsky.

Answers to rudeness

When talking with such people, you should never show them that you are confused. Try to express your point of view frankly, firmly and openly.

Try not to go on the defensive and speak calmly and relaxed.

Most often, rude people are weak, envious people who are difficult to get used to honesty and calm, and sometimes do not even know these words. They take energy for their negativity precisely from those people who give in to rudeness and begin to get nervous. Do not let them “eat” your nervousness.

This method is more suitable as a reaction to prolonged rudeness.

If the person who is rude to you cannot stop, you can very well help him do it.

To begin with, try to listen to him calmly, until he himself is convinced that he is right. After that, sneeze loudly and defiantly - a small pause will hang, in which calmly say the phrase:"Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit" and politely add: "So where did you stop?"

Simply put: you are me, I am you. This method translates the negative of your interlocutor to himself. You just need to agree with his attacks on you, to thank for the time and effort spent to emphasize your shortcomings.

You can even praise the interlocutor for his attentiveness and those "tips" that you heard. Do it calmly and try not to show the causticity of your phrases.

It is worth noting that the more witnesses to the conflict will be, the better for you, because the rude is unlikely to receive the necessary approval from the outside, and most likely will cause laughter and jokes addressed to him.

A similar method can be used by administrators of forums, sites, blogs and groups in social networks. networks.

Despite the fact that most members of the communities are familiar with the general rules, some still deliberately violate them, after which they express dissatisfaction in the personalities of administrators due to the fact that they were denied access.

After all the arguments have ended, these characters proceed to frank rudeness and rudeness.

The easiest way is to simply ban, but if you want to prove your case, try without emotion, describe in detail all the errors of the intruder. At first, the interlocutor will rest and continue to “have fun” with rudeness, but when he realizes that he is talking to him dryly, without emotions, he will simply lag behind.

Perhaps the most famous and simplest method of dealing with rudeness. Sometimes silence is not only effective and safe, but also beautiful.

If you don’t need anything from a rude person, or you are psychologically simply not ready to enter into a debate with him, or if the “interlocutor” is simply out of your mind and can harm your health, just ignore him. Rude people want to win your attention, do not give them this joy.

It is worth noting that you also need to ignore correctly. No need to include a hurt look and sighs - these are signals that you paid attention to him. Do not show any emotions, boor for you is an empty place.

How to respond beautifully to rudeness

There are several phrases that can be used in a “skirmish” with a rude person:

"I had a better opinion of you"

"Rudeness doesn't suit you very well"

"Do you want a polite response or truth?"

"Why are you trying to look worse than you really are?"

"Like everyone, I also have bad days. Do not get upset, everything will work out for you"

"Yes, of course, come in. May there be luck on your side" (in case someone climbs out of turn)

"It seems that this role is not suitable for you. And what do you really want?"

"Thank you for showing interest in my person"

"Do you want to offend me? For what?"

How to respond to insult

If you are accidentally or intentionally scolded, you should not take these words literally and take everything at your own expense.

Understand that if the person who insulted you has a bad mood or he’s just not well brought up, this does not mean that you are to blame.

In order to be able to correctly respond to insults, you must first of all know that the person who insults you in every possible way is himself a victim, namely a victim of his obstinacy.

More often than not, those who “attack” and try to humiliate others are weak individuals who simply are not able to cope with negative emotions, which makes them spill everything around.

What to do in response to an insult

If a stranger insulted

The best option is ignoring. Try not to notice the one who is trying to offend you. Of course, there are times when you need to act differently, but most often you need to act as if there is no stranger, and his words are an empty phrase.

If you are offended by a loved one

From the very beginning, try to dot all the "ANDs". You should calmly and directly tell him that the words you said touched you. The right step would be to discuss the situation.

If offended by a work colleague / boss

With this set of circumstances, try to carefully get away from the conflict. If a co-worker tirelessly insults and silence does not help you, try to respond with neutral causticity.

In the case of the boss, conflicts are not needed, which means that do not respond to insults. Instead, imagine your leader as a moody and pugnacious little child.

In your head, pat him on the head, feed him with porridge and help him sit on the pot. This is the method recommended by psychologists. You will not only endure insults, but also gain a good mood, or at least it will cause a smile on your part and increase your performance. In addition, the boss can also pay attention to your stamina.

How to respond to an insult

A person who is trying to offend you wants to assert himself, to stand out, and therefore you need to give him a cold answer, "Well, has he asserted himself at my expense?".

After listening to such a person, try to understand what the purpose is, why they want to insult you.

* If you do not know how to respond to an insult, then you need to know one important thing - not wellit is necessary to reach mutual insults and rash reactions.

Besides the fact that it may look silly, you also succumb to manipulation, which may end in a trap for you. No need to play by the rules that impose on you.

* Another main rule - respond to rudeness calmly without losing self-esteem. But, it is worth noting that the cultural response to the “attack” of the boor often does not produce any effect, because the game takes place on foreign territory and is not according to your rules.

* When it comes to trolling, or other similar situations, best ignore the offender.

* It happens that you need to answer, but you know that all your arguments simply will not work against the stubborn rude. In this case, the best option would be turn around and leave.

* A person who has insulted you or is trying to do this may just have a bad day. Therefore with you it will be enough to ask: "Bad day?". If the person is adequate, he will agree and may even ask for forgiveness.

But, if it comes to the troll, then such a question is not only inappropriate, but can also lead to additional insults to you.

* More often than not, responding to an insult is not a good strategy, and you can get away from this only by neutrally asking the person what he just told you. Try to pretend that you did not hear his words or did not pay attention to them. In this case, only a frank boor will continue his “attacks”.

* If you find yourself in a situation where it is simply necessary to answer the offender, or if the desire to do so strangles you, do not rush at him. The main thing is to be calm, cold in words and expressions. It is desirable to suppress insults with witty remarks and only after the interlocutor completed his monologue.

* There is an insult more like a mockery. In this case, perhaps the best option would be to answer in the form of a joke, which will not only not offend a person, but also maintain a normal relationship.

One of the common mistakes people make is trying to make excuses, they say, "no, you're wrong, I'm not to blame". Firstly, such a strategy can make you humiliated, and secondly, an attempt to justify yourself is simply meaningless, because excuse, as a rule, no one listens.

How to answer in an original way

- "I am amazed at your ability to ask questions that may be confusing!"

- "You are an amazing woman (man). I have always been struck by your ability to ask uncomfortable (correct, difficult, rhetorical) questions!"

- "I would love to try to answer your question, but just answer first, why are you so interested in this?"

- "And for what purpose are you interested in this?"

“Do you really want to talk about this?” If the answer is yes, then simply answer: "And I - not really" - and end the dialogue with a smile.

- If a person is not very pleasant for you, and you have no desire to communicate with him, especially after an incorrect question, you can coldly answer: "This is my dog ​​business."

- Ask again: "I understand correctly that ..."

Money questions

When you encounter an unpleasant question, you have every right not to give the interlocutor any specific answer. For example, to the question "How much do you earn?" can evade the answer "Like most, the average salary in the industry (significantly less than Abramovich)."

You can also answer such a question with a counter question. For example, to the question "How much is a jacket?" You can ask your interlocutor how much his jacket is worth. Another way to answer this question is significantly overestimate or underestimate the figure and further translate the conversation as a joke.

Questions about work

“What are you doing?”, “What are you doing at work?”.

When answering such questions, psychologists advise calling a profession that can give you more confidence for what you are doing. If your work is different, you do many different things, you can sort out all the work for a month. So you will know what takes the most time.

Questions about personal life

“Why is there no girl (guy)?”, “When is the wedding?”, “Why haven't you got married yet?”.

Do not take such matters seriously. In response, you can ask the interlocutor why such an unusual question occurred to him. In this case, the interlocutor will be in an awkward situation.

There is another option - just answer directly as it is. For example, to the question "Why one more (one)?" proudly admit that patiently you are looking for your soul mate, who would not leave you in a difficult hour.

The third option would be mirroring. For example, "I understand correctly that you do not mind holding a candle over my bed?", or "... what, today, your main task is to discuss my personal life?", or "... what interest in other people's troubles for you is in the order of things?"

Answers to rudeness

Method 1:No need to take everything that is said to you at your own expense

Often a person who is rude does not do it specifically for you - rather, it is anger at the world in general: ill-bred youth, goat men, etc. and only the snapper himself is white and fluffy.

You can only sympathize with such a boor, because in the world in which he lives, it is not easy to live. Remember, each person sees the world in his own way. If the boor says that you are an uneducated person, you can try to refute his statement with your knowledge, but it is unlikely to succeed.

Method 2:Ham should not be the master of the situation

Try not to give the boor power over the situation so that they do not feel stronger.

If the boss is rude to you, and it is impossible to get away from this, think about the fact that you are not chained to him for life. You are not a slave, you are only doing your job professionally, i.e. you help him carry out the work, which means you can call yourself a partner in a particular business. You may demand more respect for yourself, as You have every right to do this.

Method 3:Remember your rights

When you are rude in a public place, you need to fight not with offenders, but with their superiors.

Find out the name, surname, position and contacts. You can ask for a complaints book, if there is one. If this does not help, try contacting a consumer protection society or lawyer.

Use your weapon - human rights and leverage. This method is suitable if the boor is an official, manager, waiter, security guard and other representatives of large organizations

Method 4:Turn on the imagination

Try to imagine the offender behind a glass wall: you see him, notice that he is expressing something, but you just don’t hear.

You can also imagine a boor in the image of a big fish in an aquarium: it seems to move your lips, move your fins, but it’s not clear what all this is for.

If you watched the movie "The Matrix", then remember the moment when Neo stopped the bullets fired at him. Imagine that the rudeness thrown at you is bullets, and you are invulnerable, and all rudeness does not reach you, falling to the floor with a ringing.

Method 5:Try to contact the boor

Try to find out the cause of the aggression. For example, you can say: "Now you are rude to me, why do you need this?" or "There is a smile on your face, and you say unpleasant things, so I haven’t figured out how to react to your words."

Perhaps the person who hears you will consider his actions, look at himself from the side and rethink his behavior. You can use this method when communicating with people with whom you will have to meet and talk more than once - work colleagues, acquaintances, relatives.

There is a chance that a person will look at himself from the side and rethink something in his behavior.

How to answer rudeness beautifully

Rudeness can be treated well with politeness, which scares boors, forcing them to be careful when communicating:

- "You see, dear, I do not intend to (a) communicate with you in this tone"

- "Dear, you may have confused me with someone"

- If the boor can’t stop at all, after all your attempts, then take care of your nerves, wish him all the best and leave the place of conversation.

- Sometimes the boor is worth putting in place, otherwise your silence will make you stronger. A good answer can close the boor's mouth. But remember, being rude to rudeness does not put you higher.

- Try to use humor. If you are rude, smile and say "Well, you're a moron (fool, idiot)!" Such an act can further anger the boor, whose reaction will make you laugh.

- A smile in response often annoys the boor, so smile sincerely.

- "You deign to be rude to me. And why? Your goal is to offend me? Why?"

Answer so that your word is the last and then rudeness will stop.

- Do not pay attention to the boor. In your head, imagine a scenario:"You are a leaf by the road ... Everything passes by and does not hurt you with anything".