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How to change the home page in Microsoft Edge browser


If you don’t like the home page that Microsoft Edge uses by default, you can easily set up your own. A Main page - This is the first page that you see when you open the browser.

Open Microsoft Edge. In the upper right corner, click the "More Actions" icon (it looks like three dots in a horizontal line) and select "Settings" from the menu.

In the "Options" panel that appears, in the "Open" section, click the "Options" button for the type of homepage you need.

New Tab Page: Opens a blank tab as a home page. You can customize what appears on new tabs using the “Open New Tabs” drop-down list.

Previous Pages: Sets the previous pages that you opened during the last browsing session as your home pages.

Specific Page or Pages: Allows you to select a specific homepage. When you click this option, a drop-down list appears under it. Click on the list and select MSN, Bing or Custom from the menu that appears. If you click "Custom", the text box "Enter web address" appears. Enter the address of the website that will be used as the home page, and then click the "Add" (plus) button to the right of the field. (You can even use the window and the "Add" button to add additional home pages.)

After choosing your homepage settings, press Esc to close the settings panel. Then close and restart Microsoft Edge to go to the home page.

To delete the home page that you configured, go to the Options panel, which you specified in step 2 of this task, and in the Specific Page or Pages section, click the web page, and then click Delete (X) next to it. If necessary, set a different home page, and then press Esc to close the panel.

Browser E dge replaced the Internet Explorer. The Edge browser is equipped with the W indows 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems.

In order to change the start page in the latest browser from Microsoft E dge, you need to follow these simple steps. And by the way, this operation will take you very little time. So, let's begin:

1. Open the Microsoft E dge Internet browser.

2. In the upper right corner above the “Close” button, click on “ellipsis. ". Then go to “Menu” → “Parameters” (see below for a copy of the screen).

3. In the new window that opens, put a checkmark on the item "Specific page or pages." From the drop-down menu under "Specific page or pages", select the "Custom" preset. At the bottom, in the editable field, enter the address of the site, which will subsequently open when the Edge Internet browser is launched. For example, search engines or After writing the Internet address, you must click on the “+” symbol. You can also make sure that at the start of the browser several sites open at once. For example, such a combination: search engine, newsletter, weather For this operation, enter a new address in the column and click "+".

Dear user! I hope you have no trouble changing your start page in your Edge browser. Now, when the browser starts, the desired page always opens. Thanks for your attention.

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Set multiple home pages in Edge

Open the Edge browser and click 3-dotted More action link. Then click on "Settings." Here you can set the Edge browser to open with:

  1. start page
  2. New tab
  3. Previous pages
  4. Page or page.

Select Specific page or pages , From the drop-down menu, select Custom . Other options you can see are MSN and Bing.

Now, at the indicated location, enter the web address and click on the + sign to add it. If you want to install one home page. That is all you have to do.

If you want to set up multiple home pages, enter a different web address and click the + sign again. This way you can add two or more home pages.

If you want to set a blank page as your home page, enter about: blank .

I hope you find this little review useful!

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